Our Story
Enough is enough.
We said it and we still mean it.
My name is Mark Timmons and I would like to tell you a story.  When I was newly married { just a few years ago :-) }, I was scammed to the tune of $5,000.  I had found something online that I thought (and was led to believe) was a great way to make money.  I put my money into "the program" and was left with nothing but a credit card bill.  To this day, I am still embarrassed about this story, and my wife helps make sure I do not forget it.  I know I am not alone with my story, many people are scammed out of their hard earned money and are likely as embarrassed, angry and frustrated as I was.

After hearing story after story about people "losing" their money to companies that should have done the right thing and refunded peoples purchases/investments but refused, I decided there had to be a solution.  Most of the stories I heard about involved people who had used their credit card for their purchase or investment.  I gathered a few of my friends and collegaues with experience in payment processing, chargebacks and back office and together we created MyChargeBack.com.  A solution that allows you to recover your hard earned money without resorting to an expensive and drawn out legal fight.

If you used your credit card for a purchase or investment and the company has left your "high and dry", you have the ability to effectivly fight back, and MyChargeback.com is hear to help you.  One of the rights your credit card provides is the right to initiate a chargeback on a transaction, and our experts know exactly how the chargeback system works.

You just received your credit card statment, or maybe you received an email or text alert about a purchase that you know you did not make.  Maybe you did make the purchase, but what you received was not exactly what you ordered.  At this point, most people try to contact the place the transaction came from - but even if the store/business is legitimate (and especially if they are not), they will not always issue a refund as they should.  MyChargeBack.com can help.

We will help you prepare you complaint/chargeback in the most effective way to get your money back.  We know exactly how the bank will process you dispute/chargeback.

Many of our clients have been scammed by Binary Option Brokerages.  Fortunately, we are able to give them the assistance they require to recover their funds.  Please CLICK HERE if you are facing difficulties with a Binary Option Brokerage.
We know what the bank needs to hear to make them support your case
We know where banks can make mistakes that can cause you to lose your chargeback, and how to prevent them from occuring
We know at what point you need to escalate your case within the bank, and how to get it done
We know how many people live on Mars (☺)
We know how to present your chargeback in the most effective manner to ensure you get your hard earned money back
We know we may not be able to stop scammers and cheats from operating, but we CAN make sure that you have the most effective tool for fighting back - MyChargeback.com

Unfortunately, you only have one shot at charging back with a certain claim.  Which means – if you don’t get it right, then it’s over.  We wanted to create a company and website where people could make sure they get it right when they chargeback.  We wanted to price it cheaply and give a money back guarantee.  That’s what we did.  I’m pretty happy.  I hope we help you get some justice – cause that’s the point of this website.

So that’s when we said, let’s help everyday people who are getting scammed online to get their money back.

Sincerely, Mark Timmons - Founder of MyChargeBack.com