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If you’ve lost money to a crypto scam, a forex fraud or another scheme, MyChargeBack is here to provide expert advice. Our Industry Insights cover the latest topics in financial fraud. Case studies highlight the stories of actual clients who have retrieved their funds thanks to MyChargeback technology and investigation techniques. 

You can also access the best of MyChargeBack’s advice and information on our YouTube channel. Elijah Jackson guides you through important topics and answers common questions about trading crypto, choosing a broker and fund recovery.

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Meet Elijah Jackson – MyChargeBack’s YouTube Influencer

Elijah Jackson is an expert at fighting crypto scams and broker frauds. He has his finger on the pulse of the crypto sector and also addresses more “old-fashioned” frauds, such as forex broker schemes and even low-tech phishing tricks. 

You don’t need to be a crypto expert or a forex maven to benefit from Elijah Jackson’s savvy advice. Regardless of your level of expertise with online trading or cryptocurrency, Elijah Jackson will answer your questions and address topics that concern you.

MyChargeBack Topics on YouTube

Elijah Jackson leads you through the following topics (and more!)

What If Your Scammer Is Outside Your Country?

At MyChargeBack, we wish we could tell every crypto scam victim ”Don’t give up.” Too often people surrender their crypto recovery fight, especially when they realize the suspected scammer is located outside of their country. 

Don’t let the location of the fraudster deter you from pursuing crypto recovery. Keep in mind that the blockchain is international. Our technology can unmask scammers on the blockchain no matter where they are.

Sunday Crypto Scam Q&A Specials

Have you watched YouTube videos, or read articles, and still don’t feel your questions have been answered? Make sure your voice is heard. Elijah Jackson devotes Sunday programs to answering the public’s questions about cryptocurrency, fund recovery, and broker scams. 

Listen every Sunday to see if your question is featured and find out more information about how to keep your money safe from fraud.

How to Avoid a Forex Scam

Even though news about crypto scams dominates the headlines, non-crypto frauds, such as forex scams and fake broker schemes are still robbing consumers of huge sums. Scammers are becoming more skilled at disguising their identities, targeting customers with fake bonuses and promises, and creating counterfeit licenses. 

Even if they try to disguise themselves, forex scams often reveal what they are. Elijah Jackson describes red flags to look out for, how to seek legitimate brokers, and avoid forex scams.

Why You Shouldn’t Beat Yourself Up

Crypto scams and forex scams don’t just rob us of our money – they steal our confidence and sap our morale. One of the ways these frauds perpetuate their schemes is by demoralizing the people. Not only do their victims their money, they feel helpless. This may cause people to turn against themselves instead of directing their energies against scammers. 

Elijah’s pep talk can get be just what you need to hear if you’ve lost money to crypto or broker scams. Don’t be discouraged! Fight to recover your funds now with the help of MyChargeBack.

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