Bank Wire Intelligence Report (BWIR)

If you have lost money to a fraudulent forex broker or a fake merchant through a bank wire transfer, how do you get your funds back? MyChargeBack experts have the solutions to complex problems and can track down the people who have your funds.

Meeting the Challenge of Fighting Wire Fraud

Since bank wire transactions list names, account numbers, addresses, and other information, why is it so difficult to find the identities of the real people behind fake trading schemes? 

Think of these operations as a kind of shell game. Which shell is the ball under? It is impossible to predict since the shells keep shifting and the ball is transferred from one to the other. 

These operations deal with your money in the same way. They may have a veneer of respectability and may assume multiple identities to mask their actual names and locations. Meanwhile, they transfer funds from one fake entity to the other. 

MyChargeBack’s proprietary Bank Wire Intelligence Reports put a stop to this shell game and unmask these false entities. Our reports give you the information you need to approach law enforcement and make the first steps towards finding your funds. 

What You Will Find in Our Bank Wire Intelligence Reports

We create these reports after extensive investigation and create a user-friendly text that details all of our findings of the culprits, their past activities, locations, names, and accomplices. 

Our Bank Wire Intelligence Reports include the following:

  • Overview/Summary
  • Regulator Warnings
  • Wire Instructions and Wire Confirmation
  • Corporate Structure
  • Confirmation that Beneficiaries and Merchants Are Not Regulated
  • Persons of Interest
  • Company Registration Extracts

Our Bank Wire Intelligence Reports begin with an Overview or a Summary of the case. It describes briefly the situation and what we have found out about the operation. Regulator Warnings demonstrate that the company is problematic and has caught the attention of regulators. 

The Wire Instructions and Confirmation section proves that the claimant made the transaction properly and that the company received their money. Corporate Structure reveals the name, registration number, address, and other details about the company. We include Confirmation that brokers, beneficiaries, and merchants Are Not Regulated and show our findings of Persons of Interest involved with the financial crime. Finally, the report shows Company Registration Extracts for additional information and public records about the organization.

How Our Bank Wire Intelligence Report Will Help You

Our Bank Wire Intelligence Reports are an incisive tool for locating your funds and exposing the people who stole them. Present them to law enforcement and government agencies so they can take action against financial cybercrime. Armed with this information, investigators and law enforcement can locate the culprits and get results for you.

Get Started Tracking Down Your Stolen Funds with MyChargeBack Professionals Today

MyChargeBack experts have extensive knowledge, proven methods, and cutting-edge applications, software, and databases. We understand the dynamics of the crypto tracking process and have a working relationship with law enforcement agencies and regulators. We will empower you to get results from your claim.