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Many people try to chargeback by themselves & end up losing their case. losing hundreds or thousands of dollars. Not smart.
Merchants may try to fight
Lucky for you, is steps ahead of them. We give you the best shot at winning your case and save you from silly mistakes!
7-14 Days Processing Time
After you complete the questionnaire, we take every revelant factor into consideration & give you the exact wording to say to your bank.
Some Brokers are Scammers
But we already know what they will say. Our strategy, fortunately for you, is too many steps ahead of them.
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Our experts review your case and provide the tools you need to get your money back.
Meet the Town Sheriff
Justice is our first middle and last name. We've got you covered.
It's in the Details
Presenting evidence the right way will determine the case!
Every Case is Unique will provide a report customized to your specific case. We will show you what to say, and how to say to ensure that all the facts of your case are presented appropriately.
Keep it smart and simple
Our questionnaire asks a series of simple questions, and delivers some really smart results. Our experts use your answers to create a tailor made report designed specifically to walk you through the process of getting back your money.