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Challenging online scammers can be very complex and mistakes can cost you. MyChargeBack analyzes your case and assists you throughout the entire process.

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Our team of experts reviews and builds your case in order to provide the tools needed to get your money back.

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Justice is our first middle and last name. We've got you covered.

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Presenting evidence the right way will determine the case!

Fighting online scams

Only One Chance

Many people try to chargeback by themselves & end up losing their case. losing hundreds or thousands of dollars. Not smart.

Common Broker Problems

Suffering from withdrawal issues, abusive "bonuses", bullying &  blackmail!?

They Are Ruthless

After a lot of experience, we know exactly how they scam their customers. We know how to strategize the best defense.

Unregulated Binary Scammers

These offshore brokerages scam people everyday. To fight back - you must be smart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about us
Who are we?
We're! We're an American company, registered in Delaware and headquartered in New York, with a global focus and an international client base throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.
What is our mission?
To provide consumers with a proven way to fight back to recover their money after being scammed, lied to or had their information compromised. Our motto is: "Put your money back in your wallet − where it belongs."
What do we do?
We are financial advisers who know how chargebacks work and how to make sure your request for one will be presented effectively and professionally to your bank in order to maximize your chances to get your money back.
Questions about your case
What do you think my chances of receiving a chargeback really are?
After a thorough review of your case we will give you our professional analysis of your chances of success. Each case we accept has unique characteristics and requires slightly different strategies necessary to recover your funds. Please contact us to review your case.
Doesn’t a request for a chargeback have to be made within a limited amount of time?
Yes it does, but you may have more time than you think, or even more than your bank thinks. A request for a fraud-related chargeback for a credit card transaction using Visa® or Mastercard® has to be made within 60, 90 or 120 days, depending on certain factors. But a request for a service-related chargeback, such as those we handle for binary options and forex scams, can be filed as many as 540 days from the transaction date. Some jurisdictions even guarantee consumers more time than that. British law, for example, provides credit card holders six years to challenge a transaction of up to £30,000.
Is it possible to obtain a chargeback even though I authorized the payment?
Yes, if the payment you authorized was for a specified service that wasn’t provided.
Will a chargeback compromise my relationship with my bank?
Not in the slightest. Banks have dispute departments to handle issues such as these. And assuming you obtain a chargeback, it will be paid not by your bank but by the receiving bank on the other end of the transaction from funds held in the account of the merchant whose service you have successfully challenged.
Questions about working together
Can pursuing my chargeback be a waste of time and money?
If it is, we’ll tell you upfront and explain why. We do not accept cases that present insurmountable obstacles. With a few general and specific questions about your case, we can determine if our services would be of benefit to you. We do understand the sensitives involved and all matters are kept confidential.
How much will this cost?
That depends on the size of your claim. We offer our clients three different plans:
  • An economical self-activating platform for sums of $5,000 or less
  • Our VIP service for sums above $5,000, which requires a nominal fee covering documentation and discussions with your bank that will be deducted on the invoice we send after you recover your money
  • A legal assistance program for clients who transferred funds by bank wire
Why is a wire transfer different than a credit card?
Because wire transfers are not subject to rules and regulations parallel to those provided by credit card companies. For a bank wire, the threat of a lawsuit may be your only option. In such cases, we work alongside experienced attorneys and private investigators who have successfully represented victims of international binary options or forex scams and binary options or forex fraud.
How do I know MyChargeBack isn’t scamming me too?
We know it hurts to have been scammed. It can happen to anyone. And we understand the question and any hesitancy you might have. So if you’re wondering, consider this:
  • We’ve been quoted as trusted authorities in articles published by Forbes and The Huffington Post, among other news outlets
  • We only partner with reputable U.S. financial institutions such as Chase and Wells Fargo
  • In our first six months of operations alone we successfully retrieved over $1 million in chargebacks
  • Ask our clients – we’ll gladly introduce you
  • And your most important assurance is that upon a successful recovery, your chargeback goes directly to your bank account and not to us − we trust you to pay us once your case is resolved!