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Did Thomas Cook Leave Your Money Stranded?

When Thomas Cook suddenly went out of business, the chaos that ensued was unprecedented. Travelers, travelers-to-be, and employees were in disarray. Today MyChargeBack presents you with the situation as it currently stands, as well as options for getting your money back, should that be relevant for you. Thomas Cook was one of the world’s first…

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Stuck in the “Bonus” Spiderweb

The fine print prevents investors from withdrawing their funds Many unregulated online scam brokerage sites simply steal all of your deposits. The “trading” is entirely fictitious. The professional-looking trading platform on their websites is, in actuality, completely phony. It’s a sham designed to make the inevitable losses look legitimate — just unlucky.  Here at MyChargeBack…

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Online Pet Scams

Online pet scammers normally pretend to be located in the same country as you, but far enough away to make it impossible to meet face-to-face. Or at least close enough not to make the shipping of a puppy seem like a bizarre idea.

Dental Tourism

More and more people are turning to dental tourism. The significantly lower price can be a major attraction for anyone needing to have dental work done. While the financial benefits can be very appealing, unfortunately there are many issues to consi

Recycling Binary Options into CFD Scams

The new CFD scam is actually more hazardous than binary options. In the case of binary, the worst that could happen on any trade would be losing the entire investment. But if theres a volatile market, contracting for difference potentially exposes th