The Plague of Online Pharmacy Scams

The internet has changed shopping habits to an extent and in ways that must have been unimaginable 20 years ago. Few would disagree that overall it’s been an immensely positive development, allowing people access to a wider variety of products at ever more competitive prices. A global marketplace indeed.

Online pharmacies (e-pharmacies) are just one example. Authentic licensed online pharmacies provide a wonderful service for people who are unable to travel to a physical location due to disability, illness, or distance. Many also allow a greater selection of choice or price compared to what can be found locally.

But there’s a dark side. The billions of dollars flowing across the internet have attracted every kind of criminal enterprise, and even helped to create a few new ones. Welcome to the world of online pharmacy scams. It’s a diverse and expanding world run by hundreds, or even thousands, of enterprising criminals.

One of the most popular sorts of online pharmacies (both legitimate and fake) is the Canadian variety. People, especially Americans, are often attracted to the idea of buying their medicine from Canada. On the one hand, it’s a developed western country and the next door neighbor of the U.S. with comparable laws and regulations regarding pharmaceutical products, while on the other hand their prices are much lower than in the States.

But when you go onto a website, do you really know where it’s based? Just because it says “Canada” in the name doesn’t make it so. In fact, numerous scam sites have popped up selling counterfeit medicine manufactured in India, Turkey, Southeast Asia, or other places. The site operators will typically have them shipped to a trusted country such as Canada or the UK, then stick convincing labels on them before reshipping them to the customer.

And what’s really in the bottle? There have been countless real world verified cases of medicines ordered from online pharmacies that have been expired, diluted or over-concentrated. Or they contained none of the needed active ingredients, or were even laced with harmful ingredients, or were contaminated with bacteria.

Some of these sites were online versions of actual Canadian pharmacies whose operators were criminally profiting from shipping drugs purchased online that would never be offered in physical stores to Canadian customers. Other sites were completely illegitimate to begin with, in some cases with names and website addresses confusingly similar to well-known authentic ones, including major American chains.

Have you or a loved one been the victim of an online pharmacy scam? Aside from the ongoing health problems that it caused, don’t you at least deserve your money back? Unfortunately, the process of opening and winning a chargeback dispute in cases like this is weighed down with an unbelievable amount bureaucratic red tape. Fortunately, you have someone to help you.

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