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A Bank Wire Intelligence Report Leads to a Successful Recovery

Case Study: A Bank Wire Intelligence Report Leads to a Successful Recovery

This case involved the following MyChargeBack service: Bank Wire Intelligence Report.

The Basis for the Dispute

This is a case in which a typical problem was solved using an atypical solution. The fund recovery strategy was highly innovative and unexpected.

S.J. is a woman residing in Great Britain who found herself the victim of an unlicensed online investment scheme.

After sending £12,000 to the operators of the website by bank wire transfer, she was told repeatedly  that she would have to continue to deposit more money before she could withdraw any of it. This is something we see often in the cases we handle on behalf of our  clients.

Finally realizing that the merchant had no intention to allow her to access her funds, S.J. conducted online research and found MyChargeBack. After making contact, we quickly examined her case and  her personal situation. Based on what we found, we decided to offer her a somewhat unusual strategy, but an approach one that we’ve increasingly found to be both efficient and cost-effective for certain clients.

What Did We Do?

Since S.J. made her deposits by bank wire rather than credit card, a chargeback would not be possible. Instead, the far more complex and time-intensive process of a bank wire recall would be necessary. Luckily for S.J., we determined that  because of the details of her case and clear evidence of wrongdoing by the merchant, she would be able to pursue fund recovery with her bank on her own. Our assistance would involve providing a few simple tools, which are atypical, but routine for MyChargeBack since we have deep experience in the recovery process.

To help  S.J. we used our proprietary research product, the Bank Wire Intelligence Report (BWIR). It provided her with all the tools she needed to make a compelling and effective claim for reversing her transactions. The BWIR contained ironclad proof of the merchant’s fraudulent business model, including discrepancies between the company’s purported details and its hidden true details.

The MyChargeBack Difference

Armed with her BWIR, S.J. was equipped with the information and confidence to approach her bank and demand action. For its part, her bank, when provided with our clear and compelling evidence, was quick to act to demand the return of funds from the merchant’s bank. To be sure, given the evidence, it was not a surprise to learn  that S.J. got all of her money back.

S.J.’s Impressions

Regarding signing up with MyChargeBack:

“You get into this situation where you know you’ve been conned, then someone else is asking for money to get it back, so I was worried that the money I paid to you was gone too, but you were as good as your word.”

Regarding using our BWIR instead of a full fund recovery service:

You could have done more and charged a lot more for it.

The bottom line according to S.J.:

If I ever hear of anyone else in a similar situation, I’ll point them in your direction, that’s for sure.”


At a Glance: MyChargeBack in the UK

  • The case involved a loss of £12,000 by bank wire transfer to an online merchant
  • MyChargeBack researched the case and compiled an intelligence report for our client
  • The client used our report as the basis for successful fund recovery via her bank

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