• Romance Scam Heart
    Is Online Dating Safe?

    Singles who have been romanced online are winding up not just with broken hearts, but also with empty bank accounts. Here’s how to keep your money and emotional wellness protected.

  • Young girl in white sweater holds a wrapped gift with fingers on lips on blue and pink background.
    The Secret Sister Gift Exchange

    The Secret Sister routine is another one of those gift exchange gestures that appear on social media each year as we approach the holiday season. According to the Better Business Bureau, however, it’s just another type of pyramid scheme that results in a few winners and many losers.

  • Laptop with “Black Friday” logo on wood desk with flowers, coffee cup and stationery.
    Why Is Black Friday So Dangerous for Consumers?

    As we approach the holiday season, retailers will attempt to target consumers with fantastic savings through their websites and other online marketing channels. Always ensure that you recognize the website and trust the retailer before proceeding with an online purchase.

  • Woman in blue jeans sits on yellow couch and holds a gift card envelope
    Can You Refund a Gift Card?

    Digital gift card sales are set to increase by $527 billion by 2024, making gift card misuse a very profitable venture for international criminals.