Crypto Fraud Investigation Process

How Does Crypto Fraud Investigation Work?

There is a recovery process for a victim of a bitcoin scam or other types of crypto scams. Crypto fraud investigation works because bitcoin is traceable, even though there are no names and addresses associated with bitcoin wallets. It isn’t 100% anonymous, but “pseudo-anonymous” since wallets and bitcoin transactions have identifying codes. 

However, specialized tools and advanced expertise are required to investigate those codes and trace them to actual people and locations before any bitcoin recovery can take place. 

What Is the Crypto Fraud Investigation Process?

A successful crypto fraud investigation involves the following steps:

  • Client consultation
  • Case analysis and document integration
  • Technical crypto trace tracking (with OSINT, CYBINT and FININT software)
  • Crypto forensic investigation
  • Investigation report
  • Post-report professional consultation and strategy mapping
  • Review and decision
  • Escalation process
  • Legal demand letters

Client Consultation

We meet with clients, assess their case and outline our bitcoin recovery or crypto recovery process.

Case Analysis and Document Integration

Clients provide relevant documentation and our experts plot out a working strategy to pursue their bitcoin recovery or crypto recovery case.

Technical CryptoTrace Applications

We use specialized software and tools to locate bitcoin transactions and pinpoint patterns that can uncover the identities behind anonymous bitcoin technology used by government agencies and law enforcement are our main tools. 

Forensic Crypto Investigations

Our investigators apply their expertise and knowledge about suspicious crypto transactions to create an accurate picture of what happened and conclusions about the identity and location of the culprits. 

Investigation Report

We provide investigation reports for our clients so they can present the evidence of a bitcoin scam in a clear, organized form to the authorities and crypto exchanges.

Professional Care

MyChargeBack provides our clients a roadmap to effectively pursue their claims and a strategy for success in the crypto recovery process. 

Review and Decision

We review the decision of the authorities or the courts and decide on a plan of action. 

Escalation Process

If the decision does not reflect the desired outcome, we revise the strategy and update our methods for pursuing client claims.

Legal Demand Letters

These communications often achieve results even if the initial decision falls short. We have found that persistence is key to successful claims. 

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