Crypto Investigation

Cryptocurrencies are an exciting new way to buy, sell, earn money, and trade. However, if you have lost money to a crypto trading scheme or are seeking a refund from a merchant, the process can be complicated. 

Why? Because with cryptocurrency, you can see all of the transactions on the blockchain but not who you are dealing with. There are no names or addresses on bitcoin wallets. So, does that mean that bitcoin is anonymous? Partially. A bitcoin block explorer may not uncover a name or a place, but you will see code for wallets and transactions on the blockchain. It is really pseudo-anonymous. 

However, a code is not enough to track down your funds and discover who has them. That is why you need crypto investigation professionals to dig deeper.

How Crypto Investigation Helps?

Even tech-savvy clients can’t do it alone. Beyond the wallet code, there is no further information without a crypto investigation, which involves:

  • Investigators who specialize in tracking crypto transactions on the blockchain
  • Advanced technology for in-depth coin tracking
  • Crypto forensic investigation methods
  • Investigative reports to present to law enforcement and regulators
  • Professional consultation and strategy mapping

The Crypto Investigation Process

To get started with a crypto investigation, it is important that our clients become familiar with the process: 

  • Client consultation
  • Case analysis and document integration
  • Technical crypto trace tracking (with OSINT, CYBINT and FININT software)
  • Crypto forensic investigation
  • Investigation report
  • Post-report professional consultation and strategy mapping
  • Review and decision
  • Escalation process
  • Legal demand letters

Client Consultation 

We require the client to provide us with a full account of the case, including any details or screenshots of the bitcoin transaction.

Case Analysis and Document Integration

We assess the case and determine the likelihood of crypto coin trace success. If the case is accepted, tracking down the pseudo-anonymous bitcoin wallet is the next step. We integrate client documentation and our own data resources to begin the investigation.

Technical Crypto Trace Tracking

A bitcoin block explorer locates the transaction and then our team uses advanced software that delves deeply into the blockchain, reveals new information and maps out patterns. Our technical solutions use: 

  • Best-in-class data attribution
  • Blockchain analytics
  • Proprietary clustering algorithms
  • Tracking capabilities for thousands of cryptocurrencies 
  • OSINT– collects and analyzes open-source data to produce actionable insights
  • CYBINT– cyber-intelligence solutions
  • FININT– financial intelligence solutions

Crypto Forensic Investigation

We combine the best of technology with human ingenuity for a comprehensive crypto coin trace investigative approach. Our crypto forensic methods and proprietary databases uncover the identities behind crypto transactions.

Investigative Report

After a thorough investigation, our experts create intelligence reports outlining the result of our research. We include a guide for clients for submitting forms and these reports to law enforcement and crypto exchanges so they can take appropriate remedial action.

Professional Consultation and Strategy Mapping

After we create intelligence reports we consult with our clients and map out strategies so they can achieve the best outcomes for their claims.

Review and Decision

We follow through with each of our clients as they approach the authorities or crypto exchanges. Our team interprets results and assists clients in the resolution of their claims. 

Escalation Process

If the initial decision is not acceptable, we create a game plan that will increase the likelihood of a successful appeal.

Legal Demand Letters

We provide a legal recourse for clients and correspondence that allows them to make the most out of their arguments and evidence.

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