Crypto Investigative Services

Are you the victim of a bitcoin scam or other type of crypto scam? If so, you’re probably looking for stolen crypto recovery services. A crypto recovery service has to begin with an investigation. Here’s why.

The first step in recovering crypto is to find out who now holds it. And the only way to do so is to trace its movement through the blockchain until it arrived at the crypto exchange at which it was cashed out.
MyChargeBack uncovers that critical information and compiles it into a comprehensive report that clients who have been targeted by a bitcoin scam or other type of crypto scam will submit to their local police so that they can pursue their claims.

What Makes MyChargeBack’s Crypto Tracking Abilities Unique?

  • A team of crypto experts with extensive experience tracking funds on the blockchain
  • The use of specialized crypto tracing software that is otherwise available only to government, regulatory, taxation, and national law enforcement agencies
  • Our proprietary databases include thousands of cases and claims
  • An extensive working relationship with law enforcement and crypto exchanges
  • The combination of open-source intelligence (OSINT), cyber intelligence (CYBINT), financial intelligence (FININT), investigative software, and investigative analysis 
  • Our reports are have been used as supporting documents and evidence in law enforcement actions worldwide

CryptoTrace Service

Identifying funds on the blockchain requires MyChargeBack’s comprehensive solutions and proven methods, such as: 

  • In-depth case analysis
  • Best-in-class crypto tracking solutions
  • Proprietary databases
  • Crypto forensic investigation methods
  • Advanced intelligence reports

After an initial consultation, we guide clients through every phase of our CryptoTrace service. We will create an investigation report and provide strategies for working with law enforcement and crypto exchanges to identify bitcoin wallets.

Crypto Investigations

Our crypto investigation specialists use the following tools and methods to approach identifying crypto transactions and bitcoin wallets:

  • Crypto tracing tools
  • Software solutions
  • Open intelligence software
  • Human intelligence tools
  • Financial intelligence strategies
  • Exclusive database
  • Anti-money laundering tracking

Our crypto wallet recovery service databases are compiled from thousands of CryptoTrace cases and aid our investigators to observe patterns that can signal the location of crypto funds. 

Crypto Investigation Report

Every client receives an investigation report at the end of the CryptoTrace process, and it includes the following: 

  • Graphic depiction of the path of client’s funds
  • A detailed description of the client’s claim
  • Conclusions of the investigation
  • Documents to present to law enforcement and crypto exchanges
  • Strategies for filing a claim with authorities

This report is a summary and conclusion of the investigation process. It is a crucial tool for any official investigation of bitcoin scams or other types of crypto scams and can result in effective action from authorities in response to your claim. 

Crypto Investigation Process

The crypto investigation process begins and ends with our clients. We personalize our approach to individual claims and include:

  • In-depth consultation 
  • Case analysis
  • Strategy mapping
  • Crypto tracking with specialized software and tools
  • Crypto forensics investigation
  • Creating a customized investigation report

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