Cyber Intelligence Report

While losing money to an unlicensed forex broker or a crypto fraud is a traumatic experience, what can be just as difficult is trying to find out who stole your money and where your funds are.

MyChargeBack experts do the work for you by discovering the identities and locations behind fraudulent online schemes. Our expertise and technology combine to disprove the commonly-held assumption that money lost to forex brokers or crypto scams are gone forever. Our team has the experience, technology, and proprietary methods that make locating your funds a reality. 

One of our most popular and effective services is the Cyber Intelligence Report. This document provides law enforcement with the information they need to pursue your claim. Presenting a full picture of the culprits, including names, addresses, histories, and past legal actions against them, improves your chance of a successful outcome

What Makes Our Cyber Intelligence Report Unique?

A Cyber Intelligence Report goes beyond traditional investigative methods and includes: 

  • Names, locations, and in many cases, photos of the culprits 
  • Details of their company formation and registry, often hidden in off-shore corporations
  • Detailed information on accomplices 
  • A history of their criminal activity, including charges, lawsuits and penalties
  • Media reporting on the individuals and companies involved with the crypto fraud

These elements are not just leads but are conclusions of in-depth investigation using specialized technology and human ingenuity.

What Is in a Cyber Intelligence Report?

A typical cyber-intelligence report may have the following sections: 

  • Overview
  • Connected Brands
  • Alleged Owners/Operators
  • Payment Processor Providers
  • Main Companies
  • Technology Providers
  • Persons of Interest
  • Regulator Warnings
  • Relevant Media References 
  • Lawsuits
  • Corporate Registrations 

The Overview is a summary of who the culprits are, the other entities involved and what is known about their history, including criminal activity and legal penalties. Connected Brands deals with other companies and entities that have been associated with the culprit. Since stolen money is often laundered through various channels, these associations are not only relevant but can be crucial. Alleged Owners/Operators are the people and organizations behind the fake broker. Frauds often operate as a kind of shell game where funds are hidden in multiple counterfeit businesses – all of these must be identified for a successful investigation. 

Similarly, we also identify Payment Processor Providers and Technology Providers, which may either be a part of the criminal operation or not be connected but can have vital information. We analyze the main company and its history, which can elucidate many of the other details in the report. 

A Cyber Intelligence Report has a Persons of Interest page in which we reveal the identities, locations and photographs of people associated with the cyber crime. We also highlight regulator warnings about the broker as well as relevant media excerpts to put our findings in a larger context. The report also shows Lawsuits and court activity, as well as Corporate Registrations for more data about the suspected fraud.

Why Is a Cyber Intelligence Report Essential? 

A Cyber Intelligence Report is the most important weapon in your arsenal when you pursue your claim. Law enforcement and other government agencies can launch official inquiries that will be prompt and effective given the amount of information we provide. In short, our Cyber Intelligence Report can make your claim successful.

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