Did You Send Money to a Fraud? How a Bank Wire Intelligence Report Can Help

By Marcus David

Director of Professional Services

It isn’t a question of buyer’s remorse – sometimes we send money to brokers or merchants we believe are legitimate only to find out that they may be fraudulent. Once the bank transfer has been sent, is there any way to retrieve your funds? A request for a refund may seem like a first step, but if the other party is dodgy, it is almost certain that this request will be ineffective. 

In many cases, fraudulent operations not only hide behind assumed names but will disappear entirely. The name they gave you may be entirely fake, and you don’t have any idea who is actually holding your funds. Additionally, they might have laundered the funds they received from you several times over. 

The situation may sound hopeless, but unfortunately, it isn’t. The key to resolving this problem is finding the actual identities behind the bank transaction. That is where MyChargeBack experts can assist you with a thorough investigation and a Bank Wire Intelligence Report that can identify the people behind the fraud and can assist law enforcement in tracking them down. 

What Is a Bank Wire Intelligence Report?

A Bank Wire Intelligence Report (BWIR) is a detailed, organized presentation of all of the information collected during an in-depth investigation into financial frauds. Our experts create these reports at the conclusion of an investigation so our clients can present them to law enforcement. The police can use the information to pursue the suspects or to launch an official investigation. 

The first step in creating these reports is a thorough investigation based on information provided by the client, supported by content in our extensive databases, advanced technology, and proven intelligence methods for tracking down all types of financial fraud. We have refined our process through numerous cases and have been successful in tracking down cybercriminals. 

A Bank Wire Intelligence Report has the following elements:

  • Overview/Summary
  • Regulator Warnings
  • Wire Instructions and Wire Confirmation
  • Corporate Structure
  • Confirmation that Beneficiaries and Merchants Are Not Regulated
  • Persons of Interest
  • Company Registration Extracts

The overview provides the reader a summary of the case, the process of our investigation and our findings. Regulator warnings demonstrate that the suspected fraud has a history of complaints that have led regulators to warn the public not to use its services. The wire confirmation verifies that the client sent the money to the other party through a bank transfer. 

Corporate structure reveals more information about the operation, including other names and entities. The confirmation that the party is not regulated may show clues to other forms of illegality and may be sufficient for law enforcement to decide to pursue them. The report names persons of interest and provides information about them that can be useful to law enforcement. Company registration extracts yield additional data about the operation. 

How a Bank Wire Intelligence Report Can Help You Track Down Your Funds

Once the true identity of the other party has been revealed through an intelligence report, you can take the report to the police and file a complaint. 

Although law enforcement receives many complaints about financial fraud, they may not act on them without significant leads. With a Bank Wire Intelligence Report, the police will have the information they need to pursue your claim and locate your funds. Talk to MyChargeBack professionals and increase your chances of successfully finding your money. 

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