Justice for Consumers

Besides having to issue a refund, merchants are not fond of chargebacks because, if they are hit with enough of them, the credit card companies may levy significant fines or even cease working with them altogether.

The Added Value of MyChargeBack’s Expertise and Experience

Illicit businesses in particular generally take a tough stand on chargebacks, often hiring outside companies to defend them. MyChargeBack is dedicated to your protection, and if a company scams/cheats/lies its way to your money or refuses to refund unauthorized transactions, we ensure that your dispute makes its way through any “chargeback protection service” that tries to defend its practices.

Of course, even reputable, legitimate companies have been victims of “friendly fraud,” so disputing requests for chargebacks is often an instinctive response in the business community.  But legitimate chargebacks are about justice for innocent consumers, who do not have the resources to take on a giant (or even a small) company by navigating the banking system.  Chargebacks level the playing field because they force the company to respond to your claim, and MyChargeBack has the professional expertise and international experience to accompany you throughout the process until you see your money back in your wallet, where it belongs.

So here’s where we begin:

Step #1: Assemble Your Documentation

To ensure process your dispute, you will need to present a convincing case to your bank. MyChargeBack.com will review all your documentation and prepare the paperwork so that it can be submitted in the most effective way possible.

Step #2: Answer the Questions Fully

MyChargeBack.com can prepare for you an effective strategy only if we are provided with accurate information.  Before we begin, we will provide you with a questionnaire and ask you to respond the questions as accurately as possible so we can prepare the best possible chargeback case for you.

Step #3: Respond Quickly

Chargebacks and wire recalls cannot be initiated over an indefinite amount of time.  There are various deadlines and timeframes that are non-negotiable.  Considering that the actual chargeback or wire recall process itself can extend over several months, you will be best served by filing your dispute as quickly as possible after the transaction was made.