How to File a Complaint

If you feel you weren’t given the product or service you paid for, or if you suspect a merchant or broker is fraudulent, you have the right to have your voice heard. The following basic four-step process applies everywhere for traditional frauds or to report crypto scams.

  1. Contact the Merchant, Broker or Financial Service
  2. Seek the Guidance of MyChargeBack
  3. File an Official Complaint
  4. Contact the Relevant Government Agency or Police Department

Contact the Merchant, Broker or Financial Service

Even if you feel certain that the other party will refuse to make restitution, grant a refund or remain unresponsive, it’s important to take this first step of contacting them and make a request that the issue is resolved. For example, you may not know the actual people behind bitcoin scams, but use the contact information provided. 

 Authorities are likely to ask you later on before examining your complaint, if you gave the other party a fair chance to resolve the issue privately. This is true even in the case of bitcoin scams. Be sure to keep a record of this communication to prove the other party rejected a request to resolve the issue or was unresponsive.

Seek the Guidance of MyChargeBack

Before filing an official complaint, consult with MyChargeBack. We will provide you with a free initial review of your case. We also give you a strategy to report crypto scams, and use advanced technology, and proprietary databases to provide information about the other party to the dispute, uncover their true identities and locate your funds.

File an Official Complaint

Make sure you know which agency to approach and familiarize yourself with their procedures for filing a complaint. These rules are usually described in detail on their websites. MyChargeBack explains this process to its clients and guides them on the road to bitcoin recovery. We also provide our clients with templates that will help you format your official complaint effectively.

Contact the Relevant Government Agency or Police Department

To follow up on your initial complaint or if you feel your complaint wasn’t addressed correctly or sufficiently, contact the relevant government agency, ombudsman or, in the case of suspected fraud or theft, the police department. You can also report crypto scams to police departments since many are now equipped to deal with cybercrime. We assist our own clients with this process and prepare investigative reports that will submit to the proper authorities the information they need to pursue your case.

Get Started Tracking Down Your Stolen Funds with MyChargeBack Professionals Today

MyChargeBack experts have extensive knowledge, proven methods, and cutting-edge applications, software, and databases. We understand the dynamics of the crypto tracking process and have a working relationship with law enforcement agencies and regulators. We will empower you to get results from your claim.