Merchant Investigations

Upon the completion of that task we will compile all that we have learned into a professional report that we deliver to you. Preparation can take from three to eight weeks, depending on the complexity of the case.

Broker Investigations

When consumers sign up with a broker, they entrust a third party to invest or trade money in reliable assets and to provide a significant return on their investment. Unfortunately, many brokers do not fit this description but appear as legitimate brokers only to steal money from clients and through high fees and disappearing with the original funds. 

Fraudulent brokers who perpetrate crypto scams or forex scams are usually not one-time offenders, but often practice many types of fraud. To identify these false brokers, track them down, and succeed with fund recovery, consumers need to work with MyChargeBack professionals who can provide in-depth intelligence reports about these brokers. 

Victims of fraudulent brokers are usually new to the world of financial scams. They may not recognize the names of high-profile forex frauds that have disappeared and reappeared under slightly modified names, disguised websites, or social media pages. MyChargeBack investigates countless financial scams and can provide insight and information to customers to have lost money through unscrupulous brokers. 

We are familiar with the tactics frequently used by scam brokers. Some use patently false credentials, third or fourth-rate licenses to pass themselves off as real brokers. In addition, their websites may contain no information about who they are or their credentials. This lack of transparency is not accidental. Often the less information a broker provides, the more likely they are to be fraudulent. 

MyChargeBack intelligence reports fill in these gaps. Our investigations uncover fraudulent brokers and reveal their past activities, commonly used tactics, and deals which are often recycled from one fraudulent activity to another. This information is nearly impossible for an individual to obtain, but our professionals specialize in investigating financial frauds and drafting intelligence reports for those who are trying to recover funds from crypto scams and forex scams. 

Sometimes a dispute can arise with a regulated broker. In these cases, outright fraud may not be the issue, at least not in the beginning, but the customer may have noticed unauthorized charges or trades that were not agreed upon. At this stage of the game, the customer may not be certain whether the broker is an honest party or not, and an intelligence report can be useful in demonstrating a possible pattern of behavior. 

Few people know early on that the broker they are working with is reliable. In some cases, even regulated brokers can turn out to be dishonest or can be stubborn about not acknowledging mistakes. An intelligence report will provide a full picture of the broker and their activities and will give the customer an advantage in a broker dispute. The intelligence report can be presented to regulators and government offices, especially to demonstrate multiple complaints that have been made against certain brokers. 

For those who want to open an account with a broker and need information about the broker’s history, MyChargeBack will provide advice and guidance. Given our vast knowledge and research on both regulated brokers and fraudulent financial services, we can guide you in the right direction to choosing a safe, reliable broker. 

Cryptocurrency Investigations

MyChargeBack‘s certified crypto forensics professionals utilize the latest technologies, together with our own proprietary databases, to trace where your coin was transferred. Our first step is to identify where your funds are and/or who cashed them out. This information is of critical importance and forms the foundation of your fund recovery effort. Simply put, without following the trail and identifying who received your assets, a fund recovery effort cannot proceed. Over 450 different law enforcement agencies in more than 50 countries have been able to pursue cases based on the evidence that MyChargeBack has uncovered for its cryptocurrency clients.

The reports we provide may not be used in any court of law. Their contents are for information purposes only. All information is owned by Cactil LLC. Reports may not be shared with any outside party without our express written permission.

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