MyChargeBack Webinars Take the Guesswork Out of Crypto Investigations

By Michael B. Cohen

Vice President of Global Operations


Whether you’re new to buying, selling or trading cryptocurrencies for the first time or are an expert, you may be puzzled about the process of investigating crypto transactions. 

The need to understand crypto investigations is urgent, since the number of crypto frauds continues to increase and even the most reliable crypto platforms are unable to stay on top of fraudulent activities on their exchanges. 

Increasingly, crypto consumers are taking proactive steps to avoid becoming victims of cryptocurrency fraud. MyChargeBack, a leader in cryptocurrency investigations, seeks to empower consumers and give them the tools to stay safe on the blockchain.

MyChargeBack has created a series of webinars that instruct and engage cryptocurrency holders. 

How Do You Protect Yourself from Cryptocurrency Scams? 

The number of people affected by cryptocurrency scams is staggering. The FBI has identified crypto scams as the highest growing form of online fraud. 

Unfortunately, the perception that the blockchain is a kind of Wild, Wild West is partly accurate. However, there are many ways consumers can protect themselves when using digital currencies. Moshe Teren, MyChargeBack Chief Technology Officer, discusses preventative measures you can take to keep your crypto wallet safe. 

In addition, Teren suggests what actions to take if you have lost money to a crypto fraud and gives a step-by-step introduction to the crypto investigation process. 

Why Is Regulating Cryptocurrencies So Difficult? 

If shady operations are so eager to use cryptocurrencies to dodge the traditional banking sector and if frauds use the blockchain as a hiding place, why don’t governments simply regulate digital currency? 

In fact, many governments around the world are proposing crypto regulations, but it is likely to be an uphill battle. Elijah Jackson, MyChargeBack Digital Marketing Manager, explains why in this webinar. 

Understanding Cryptocurrency Investigations 101: How Industry Developments and Sanctions Created the Need for Cryptocurrency Investigations

One way to fully comprehend a topic is to look into its history. Elijah explores the reason why the cryptocurrency industry rose to dizzying heights in 2020 and 2021, why digital currencies are so volatile and why Russian sanctions advanced methods to track cryptocurrency transactions and create the framework of digital currency regulation. 

Investing in Cryptocurrency Soars but Risks Loom Large

It’s no wonder that, at the same pace the cryptocurrency trading rose, so did cryptocurrency frauds. In this webinar, my MyChargeBack colleague Reuben Eliaz and I discuss the risks involved in trading cryptocurrency, how to detect a potential scam and what recourse fraud victims have after losing money to a shady cryptocurrency operation. 

Chargebacks in the Post-COVID World

Although crypto scams are unfortunately widespread, they aren’t the only form of financial fraud. Credit card transactions are still vulnerable to misuse and your information can be used to make unauthorized transactions. How has the post-COVID reality affected credit card chargebacks and are there new considerations to make with your chargeback claims? Eli Waldman of MyChargeBack answers these pressing questions. 

MyChargeBack Will Investigate Your Crypto Case

If you have lost money on the blockchain through unregulated brokers, bitcoin wallet hacking or fake merchants, talk to the MyChargeBack team. Our crypto investigations will provide evidence to bolster your claim. 

MyChargeBack has developed working relationships with law enforcement agencies worldwide, have extensive knowledge and experience with crypto tracking and can improve your prospects of getting your funds back.