Newsletter - January 2021

Case Studies

What services does MyChargeBack offer? What does MyChargeBack actually do behind the scenes to win cases for its clients? And most importantly, how exactly can MyChargeBack assist you?
The best way for us to answer those vital questions you might have is by letting you read real stories about real cases of real clients who have benefited from the expertise, experience and professionalism of our MyChargeBack staff. So this month MyChargeBack added to its website a series of 10 customer case studies. The customers, who are identified only by their initials due to the need to maintain confidentiality, hail from Australia, Croatia, Hong Kong, Italy, Slovenia, South Africa, the UAE, and the UK
And that’s just the start! Don’t forget to bookmark the page since we will be updating it from time to time with additional case studies.

Reason Codes

To justify a chargeback when applying with the issuing bank a cardholder has to declare right from the start an appropriate Reason Code. This can be tricky, since each credit card network has its own Reason Codes. If two or more different credit cards were used to pay the same merchant for the same transaction then two different disputes have to be raised and the Reason Codes will be different too. Moreover, Reason Codes are updated from time to time, so the one that was valid the last time you filed for a chargeback might not be appropriate today, even if the dispute seems identical. And since a cardholder only has one opportunity to raise a dispute, the paperwork has to be perfect. There is no second chance. To further explain these issues, we have added a new page to our MyChargeBack website dedicated to the subject of Reason Codes.

MyChargeBack’s Tip of the Month

“Going forward, consumers will be more likely to make repetitive purchases of everyday items online, having learned how to do this over many months of lockdowns and business closures. In-store purchases may be more limited to purchases that consumers want advice from knowledgeable retailers before making.” —, January 12, 2021
MyChargeBack predicted that almost a year ago after the coronavirus pandemic began. Read what we wrote then in our White Papers entitled Network Effect: The Consequences of COVID-19 on Banking, Commerce and Consumers May Be Permanent and Profound and Will the Credit Card Industry Be Affected by the Coronavirus?