Reasons Cyber Intelligence Reports Are the Key to Finding Your Funds

By Evan Spicer
Director of Cryptocurrency Investigations


Losing money online can seem like dropping a feather in the Grand Canyon. At first glance, the problem may seem more complex than requesting a credit card chargeback or a wire recall from a bank. If your money has been lost to a suspicious online transaction or has been stolen from an online payment platform or a bitcoin wallet, the chances of tracking down your funds may seem like a long shot. 

However, many people have been pleasantly surprised and have been able to find information about the location of their stolen funds. The chances of achieving these results without assistance of online financial investigation experts are remote. Thankfully, MyChargeBack professionals are adept at conducting these investigations and achieving results on behalf of our clients. 

Solving the Online “Identity Crisis” 

An identity crisis is not just something teenagers experience. All of us go through an online identity crisis now and again. Instead of wondering about our existential nature, however, we often have to worry about who it is we are actually dealing with. 

Spending time on social media often means interacting with people whose actual identities are quite different from their profile pictures, their online names, and the images they want to project. It is easy to set up a new email address under a completely different name or build a website with a domain that gives no actual information about the identity of the people behind it. 

A Cyber Intelligence Report aims to solve this “identity crisis” by using in-depth, advanced investigative methods to discover who is lurking behind an identity. This is especially useful when trying to figure out who runs the fraudulent brokerage or the identity of the person who stole your bitcoin. 

The Blockchain Jungle

The blockchain is an exciting new frontier, but often, it can seem like a jungle. There are wonders to behold, but at the same time, predatory animals lie in wait, ready to pounce on would-be victims. The fact is that few people fully understand how blockchain and cryptocurrency technology works. This can make this virtual jungle even more perilous. 

Our experts know our way through this jungle. We are aware of the methods used by predatory crypto schemes and have the technology and expertise to track suspicious wallets. This allows us to locate your funds and discover information about the people who hold them. 

How Cyber Intelligence Reports Can Meet the Challenge

The following reasons cyber intelligence reports are the key to finding your funds: 

  • They Contain Expert Findings
  • They Are Well-Organized and Presented Professionally
  • They Create the Right Impression
  • They Provide Information that Law Enforcement Can Use
  • They Give Your Claim a Head Start

Our proprietary cyber intelligence reports have a special ingredient – our expert findings. We combine the best of technological advances with human ingenuity to undertake a detailed investigation that will yield results. 

A cyber intelligence report is well-organized and presented professionally, and is easy for anyone to understand and use. No need to sift through and collect individual pages and documents–everything is there in the report. 

You can go ahead and file a claim without supporting evidence, but no one seriously recommends that. To create the right impression, approaching authorities with a cyber intelligence report will encourage them to pay attention to your claim. 

We provide you with information law enforcement can use. Because of our vast experience with official investigations, we understand the information that authorities feel is relevant and what is particularly helpful to pursue the case. 

Cyber Intelligence Reports give your claim a head start. Authorities receive countless complaints every day, but few are accompanied by detailed and well-organized dossiers. Because of this, a claim accompanied by a Cyber Intelligence Report from MyChargeBack is likely to stand out as a high priority and is more likely to have a successful outcome. 

How to Get a Cyber Intelligence Report

Do you want to see what a cyber intelligence report can do for you? Talk to MyChargeBack professionals and we will guide you through the process. After an initial consultation, we will collect information and conduct our own investigations. We will create an intelligence report that will bolster your claim and validate your case. 

Get Started Tracking Down Your Stolen Funds with MyChargeBack Professionals Today

MyChargeBack experts have extensive knowledge, proven methods, and cutting-edge applications, software, and databases. We understand the dynamics of the crypto tracking process and have a working relationship with law enforcement agencies and regulators. We will empower you to get results from your claim.