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August 2023

New on the MyChargeBack YouTube Channel

Do you plan to use PayPal’s stablecoin? In this new video clipElijah from MyChargeBack explains why the payment giant’s new PYUSD is a magnificent achievement for cryptocurrency as well as an amazing gift to scammers. 

New White Paper

Yes, It Is Possible to Recover Stolen Cryptocurrency

It’s the key question you might be asking. Aided by powerful new technologies that facilitate the tracing of cryptocurrency transactions across the blockchain, law enforcement agencies and courts worldwide have indeed been able retrieve billions of dollars in stolen cryptocurrency from scammers and returned it to victims. This new White Paper, prepared by Evan Spicer, MyChargeBack’s Director of Cryptocurrency Investigations, provides the evidence that stolen crypto is not lost forever.

Industry Insights

scam victim

Have you ever heard of commodity pool operators? A couple from Tennessee has been charged by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for allegedly running a fake one that defrauded over 100 victims of more than $10 million. Markus David, Director of Professional Services at MyChargeBack, notes in this new Industry Insight why you must first verify any broker’s registration status and disciplinary history before investing, even if they make impressive claims about their performance or experience.

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