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February 2023

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Logan Paul has been a recognizable name, for better or for worse, among YouTube influencers. Although he’s faced his share of scandals, the 27-year-old still has 23 million YouTube subscribers. According to many of those who invested in his CryptoZoo NFT scheme, he may also be a crypto scammer. Is he? That’s the question TIME Magazine sought to answer. And in order to do so they asked Aaron Lazor, MyChargeBack’s CEO, and Evan Spicer, our Director of Cryptocurrency Investigations, to provide them with hard evidence. Read what they reported!

New White Paper

When the Ford Motor Company unveiled the Edsel in 1957, it was widely praised as “the car of the future” Two years later the Edsel was killed off. “As it turned out, the Edsel was a classic case of the wrong car for the wrong market at the wrong time,” Time concluded when the car was canceled in November 1959. “It was also a prime example of the limitations of market research, with its ‘depth interviews’ and ‘motivational’ mumbo-jumbo.” Could the same be said about cryptocurrency following the collapse of TerraUSD and Luna and the Celsius Network, Voyager Digital and FTX bankruptcies? Is Bitcoin a Digital Edsel? MyChargeBack tackles that provocative question in this new thought-provoking White Paper.

Industry Insights

So you still don’t think it’s possible to recover scammed cryptocurrency? BitConnect was a crypto scam writ large. In fact, it was up until then the largest bitcoin scam in history, having robbed its victims of $2.4 billion. Recently, a San Diego judge ordered that $17 million in stolen funds should be returned to 800 victims of the crypto scam in 40 countries. Following the arrest of BitConnect founders and the liquidation of $56 million of the company’s assets, the process of fund recovery has begun. Evan Spicer, MyChargeBack’s Director of Cryptocurrency Investigations, explains more in this Industry Insight.

New on the MyChargeBack YouTube Channel

Everybody always wants to know what happens if your crypto scammer is abroad. How would that affect the recovery of scammed bitcoin? Or any other type of cryptocurrency? MyChargeBack uploads an average of five new video clips featuring our Elijah Jackson every week. View this one here.

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