Newsletter - January 2022

What's New at MyChargeBack?

Cryptocurrency Cases

How are cryptocurrency cases different from chargebacks and wire recalls? What are the most common cryptocurrency cases we see? What improves your chances for recovering lost funds in a cryptocurrency case? And what strategies does MyChargeBack utilise in cryptocurrency cases? Those are among the most common questions we receive every day from investors. We answer them in a new page we recently uploaded to our website.

Case Studies

Recently, MyChargeBack  was able to solve 22 different cryptocurrency cyber crime cases with just one CryptoTrace Report for a client in The Netherlands. Find out how we did that by reading this Case Study. Additionally, we secured full refunds from three different cryptocurrency exchanges for a client in South Africa whose funds were laundered into bitcoin by filing chargeback requests with her bank. We explain how that happened in this Case Study.

Industry Insights

MyChargeBack advises you that you may be at risk from crypto exchange security breaches. Some crypto platforms hide behind claims they were hacked as a way to make off with their clients’ funds. They usually will disappear after making the claim and launder the cryptocurrency. A few have been tracked down trying to get away with this but often some manage to hide out for some time. Find out if you are at risk by reading this recent article on our Industry Insights page.