Newsletter - July 2021

What's New at MyChargeBack?

MyChargeBack Expands in Europe . . .

MyChargeBack is proud to announce that Judith Dayan Persson has been appointed as our Vice President of European Operations and Business Development. She is based in Copenhagen. 


Judith joins MyChargeBack from Nets, one of the top payment providers in Europe with more than 250 bank partners, where she served as senior vice president. In that position she played a key role in the firm’s development of products designed to help issuers reduce losses due to fraud. Prior to Nets, she directed global fraud management at Danske Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Scandinavia.

. . . And Marks the Event by Issuing a New White Paper

Over the past four decades the chargeback process has become more complex due to two principal factors. First, new reason codes have been introduced, old ones have been redefined, and deadlines have been changed. For bank employees, keeping up with the pace is tougher than ever. Second, new types of fraud have emerged. Fraudsters are more active and leveraging creative ways to avoid chargebacks. In spite of all this, the tools issuing banks have at their disposal to uncover fraud patterns have not matured in tandem. So, banks are left trying to apply what have become antiquated chargeback rules to this new reality. The result is massive inefficiency, if not failure.

Judith Dayan Persson explores these critical issues in our newest White Paper, The Chargeback Process Is Broken: Here’s How It Can Be Fixed.

Register for Our Upcoming MyChargeBack Webinar on Consumer Anxiety

No matter the details of their dispute, no matter where they live, virtually everyone who contacts us at MyChargeBack has one thing in common: Anxiety. They suspect a merchant, brokerage or individual they dealt with was dishonest. They feel used. Cheated. Even helpless. 


For that reason MyChargeBack will be holding a free Zoom webinar for U.S. residents on Tuesday, August 31 at 12:00 noon New York time to provide you with the opportunity to learn how to manage that anxiety and overcome it. Our guest will be Dr. Mara Kailin, a licensed American clinical psychologist and expert in dialectical behavioral therapy, a cognitive-behavioral therapy whose main goals are to teach how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate emotions, and improve relationships with others.


You are asked to submit your questions for Dr. Kailin in advance by email to [email protected] We will attempt to address all questions received, time permitting, on a first-come first-served basis.


Pre-registration for this valuable webinar is required. Participation is limited and confirmation will be sent on a first-come, first-served basis.  

New Online: Podcasts

This past month we unveiled a new section on our website: Our podcast page. Listen in as our in-house experts provide their professional insight and analysis regarding major issues that caradholders, merchants and bank dispute departments deal with on a daily basis. Our podcasts are also your opportunity to get to know us a bit better. 

Case Studies

This month we posted three new case studies on our website. The first discusses how MyChargeBack was able to convince a national regulator to order our client’s bank to issue a chargeback and refund him all the money that he was due. The second explains how the chargeback request we prepared, together with a legal demand letter and a complaint filed with a national regulator convinced the merchant to offer our client substantial compensation. And the third shows how MyChargeBack enabled a client not only to win back the $18,000 in cryptocurrency he initially invested, but the entire accrued value at the time of recovery — $41,000!