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July 2023

MyChargeBack in the News #1

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How AI Can Improve the Broken Chargeback Process

MyChargeBack CEO, Aaron Lazor discussed the risks and potential rewards of banks relying upon Artificial Intelligence in deciding the merits of a cardholder’s chargeback request. Mr. Lazor is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. You can stay up to date on his articles here and read this current article by clicking below.

MyChargeBack in the News #2

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Memeconomy 101: Understanding the Economics of Meme coins
“Each time a new token comes up, it has its own community of followers that drive its momentum on social media and elsewhere. It’s social media marketing 101,” Elijah Jackson, the cryptocurrency YouTube creator and blockchain industry commentator of MyChargeBack told Technopedia . . . On the other hand, most cryptocurrencies that fall into the traps of regulating bodies have a company or a number of people that stand behind the token, working on its development or the blockchain that it exists on. However, this is something that meme tokens often lack, thus making it harder for regulating bodies to target them, MyChargeBack’s Jackson noted.

New on the MyChargeBack YouTube Channel

The first half of the year is now over so it’s time to look back and take a look at the crypto crime stats for January through June. So click here to see Elijah’s informative 2023 Halftime Report.

New White Paper

Yes, It Is Possible to Recover Stolen Cryptocurrency

Billions of dollars in cryptocurrency has been retrieved from scammers and made available to victims who would otherwise have lost it forever by law enforcement and the courts with the aid of new powerful forensic tracking tools that help identify the owners of cash out wallets. According to MyChargeBack’s Evan Spicer, Director of Cryptocurrency Investigations, these advancements are likely to extend to regular consumers worldwide, as well.

Industry Insights

What Are the Most Common Types of Crypto Scams?


There are many ways that scammers can trick you into sending them your crypto or personal information. Michael B. Cohen, MyChargeBack’s VP of Global Operations, reviews the most common cryptocurrency scams in this new Industry Insight.

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