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March 2022

MyChargeBack in the News

The burgeoning crypto sector represents a goldmine for government treasuries, writes Michael B. Cohen, Vice President of Global Operations at MyChargeBack in this article published by Bloomberg. And as Tax Day approaches, taxation authorities around the world are anxious to cash in.

Banking has changed, banks have changed and the transaction dispute landscape has changed. And it is primarily due to two seemingly unrelated factors: The internet and the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, Judith Dayan Persson, MyChargeBack’s Vice President for European Operations and Business Development, explains in this article published by Global Banking & Finance Review why the next step is going to have to be cryptocurrency chargebacks.

Crypto Investigation Process

Crypto investigation works because, even though there are no names and addresses written on bitcoin wallets, bitcoin is traceable. How is that possible? MyChargeBack explains it in this new text posted on our website.

Industry Insights

As long as sanctions remain intact, the ruble will not strengthen any time soon either. Its depressed value, the run on banks to withdraw them and the evaporation of hard Western currencies will make it almost impossible for Russians to obtain new digital currencies. So what alternative is left to Russians who want to increase their crypto holdings? MyChargeBack statistics strongly suggest that they are exploring the possibility of recovering disputed crypto that was until now presumed lost in the blockchain. See why in this new article entitled Russian Access to Cryptocurrency May Be Drying Up.