What's New at MyChargeBack?

March 2023

Have You Used Our New MyChargeBack Client Portal?

The MyChargeBack Client Portal is a window where you can contact us, check the status of your case, upload documents, complete your payments, and more. We have introduced it further to our ongoing commitment to maximize client security and completely remove the potential risk posed by spoofing, which is on the rise globally in the financial community. The MyChargeBack Client Portal enables us to communicate directly with each other in confidence behind closed doors. 

If you haven’t used the MyChargeBack Client Portal already, give it a try. First, click on the link below. Then enter your email address on the screen and click on the orange CLICK HERE button. A one-time password will then automatically be sent to you by email. To maximize security, passwords are not reusable. A new password must be generated each time you return.  

New on Our Website

Amazon logo on laptop display

Unfortunately, scammers can spoof the Amazon website fairly easily and impersonate Amazon representatives over the phone. And that’s why there has been a proliferation of Amazon-related scams. Even though the e-commerce giant regularly issues warnings about these frauds and does to the best of its ability attempt to shut them down, they are multiplying faster than ever. So, to enable you to better identify Amazon scams, our MyChargeBack website now features a page dedicated to the subject. We strongly recommend familiarizing yourselves with the information we provide before an Amazon scammer contacts you!

Cards on laptop

Meanwhile, given the surge of Amazon-related scams, vendors have come to see legitimate Amazon chargebacks as a major problem. As a result, they are more likely than not to contest any chargeback request. To guide you through the process, we have also added a page on Amazon chargebacks. 

New on the MyChargeBack YouTube Channel

In this educational video clip, Elijah from MyChargeBack reminds us that “DeFi geniuses” thought it would be awesome to come up with more user-friendly “dApps” to speed up crypto adoption. But, it turns out, dApps let crypto scammers prey on victims more easily. Elijah explains why you should stay away from them!

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And we have now added a dedicated page on our website that introduces Elijah and provides an overview of a representative sample of his videos.

Industry Insights

Empty wallet over laptop

It may not be much of a consolation, but you are not alone! Consumers lost close to $9 billion in fraud in 2022 according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Investment scams were responsible for the largest amount of losses to the tune of $3.8 billion. And if that’s not shocking enough, consider this: In 2022, the number of trading scams rose 100% over 2021 figures. Read more about how this has happened in this new MyChargeBack Industry Insight.

New White Paper

White Paper Is Bitcoin a Digital Edsel.

A reminder about our latest White Paper. Could cryptocurrency be another “prime example of the limitations of market research, with its ‘depth interviews’ and ‘motivational’ mumbo-jumbo” that was blamed for the ill-fated Edsel, which Ford discontinued in 1960 just three years after it was unveiled? MyChargeBack discusses bitcoin’s future in this new ground-breaking White Paper.

Stay tuned for more next month!