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May 2022

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and dogecoin are rising in popularity, but it is important to use caution when buying and trading digital currencies or dealing with trading schemes that only accept crypto. It’s important to get that message across to every investor, especially new ones. Therefore, MyChargeBack is pleased to report that we’re teaching Harvard students how to stay safe from online trading fraud. Yes, you read that right.

MyChargeBack Webinar

Half of all the people who have ever invested in cryptocurrency did so in 2021. Not surprisingly, an equal amount of the crypto fraud that has ever been perpetrated was generated in response. But the industrial architecture and regulatory environment that allowed cryptocurrency to thrive to such unprecedented heights also underwent rapid changes to meet this challenge. 

On May 12, MyChargeBack hosted a webinar that addressed these topics in detail and what it all means for you. Hosted by Elijah Jackson, MyChargeBack Digital Marketing Manager, it was entitled Understanding Cryptocurrency Investigations 101. In case you missed it, a recording of that webinar is now online, and we invite you to take a loo

Case studies

C.M., a businessman from New York state who is married with a large family, decided to reward them with a well-deserved vacation. What particularly impressed C.M. were two photos of the large swimming pool he saw on the B&B’s ad on the site, which he realized would be a treat for his children. Imagine their reaction, therefore, when they arrived, only to discover that there was no swimming pool. It was fake advertising, pure and simple.

Industry Insights

A new global study by Visa reveals that nearly 40% of crypto owners surveyed said they would likely or very likely switch their primary bank to one that offers crypto-related products in the next 12 months. Banks, which by nature are reticent of taking risks and slow to evolve, are reading the writing on the wall. And that represents a huge shift in their thinking. MyChargeBack CEO Aaron Lazor explains why in this new article, entitled Can Banks Handle the Consumer’s New Love of Cryptocurrency.