Newsletter - November 2021

What You Need to Know About Black Friday Sales

It’s that time of year again. MyChargeBack has compiled a list of the five most important safety tips to protect you if you do your 2021 holiday shopping online. We strongly recommend to familiarize yourselves with them before making any purchase over the internet, especially during the holiday season! 

Case Studies

Our Case Studies page continues to grow. This month we posted SIX new stories. Take a look at them to see how MyChargeBack has been assisting its clients. Here are the highlights:

What can you do if you sent $100,000 to a broker registered in a far-away country in order to invest in cryptocurrency and it turned out that there was no investment and no crypto? In this month’s first case study we explain how MyChargeBack recovered a significant amount of that money after a client in South Africa discovered that’s what happened to him. 

Why do cardholders with complex transaction disputes require the assistant of chargeback professionals? Our second case study answers that question. A client in Germany retrieved €23,000 because MyChargeBack  knew how to refute an unregulated online investment broker’s claims and proved their falsehood or irrelevance.

MyChargeBack professionals always read the fine print. That’s the lesson in this month’s third case study. By spotting an error in an unregulated broker’s correspondence we secured a $36,000 refund for a British client in Saudi Arabia without even having to apply to his bank for a chargeback.

Yes, it can and does happen. Our fourth case study discusses how MyChargeBack retrieved MORE than 100% back for another British client who had two separate cases.

The fifth case study comes from Ireland. And the client was a physician. MyChargeBack restored him to financial health by securing a full chargeback and tracked down the path his crypto took through the blockchain so he can pursue that case with the police.

Finally, our sixth case study demonstrates how MyChargeBack is agile enough to change strategies in mid-course and, in so doing, negotiated a settlement for a client in The Netherlands just in time before the merchant went out of business.