Newsletter - September 2021

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Aarp Magazine

The AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons) published an article this month, both in its print magazine and online, that provides 18 tips from “insiders” on dealing with the phone company, DMV, IRS, Social Security, banks, and insurers. One of those “insiders” was Michael B. Cohen, Vice President of Global Operations at MyChargeBack, who provided the advice about banks. And his advice is valuable not just for retirees or even Americans, so we recommend reading what he has to say to everyone, regardless of age or citizenship.

The AARP magazine, which reaches all of its 38 million members, is the largest circulation publication in the United States. 

Credit and Debit Card News

A new era in the payments industry is about to begin. Mastercard has announced that it is going to retire the ubiquitous magnetic stripe on the back of its credit and debit cards, and it’s a safe bet to assume that other credit card networks will soon follow. Read our take on it, what it means for processing complex transaction disputes and why cardholders will be more likely to require the services MyChargeBack provides in our latest blog post.

Case Studies

This past month we posted two new case studies on our website. The first, from Sweden, initially involved an unregulated broker, from whom we obtained a full chargeback for our client after appealing to the bank’s internal ombudsman, but then expanded to include a regulated broker as well. And the second discusses how MyChargeBack successfully appealed a case to the UK bank ombudsman, which led to the return of 90% of the client’s funds. In addition, we submitted a recall request to the merchant’s bank for the remaining 10%. Within several months, that sum was refunded as well.