What's New at MyChargeBack?

September 2022

Did You Miss Our Last Webinar?

The topic of our latest webinar, which was live streamed on September 8, was What do you do if you’ve been scammed? 

MyChargeBack Digital Marketing Manager, Elijah Jackson, reviewed the signs of a scam, broke down the initial actions that your leads should take and addressed how to mentally manage the process. If you didn’t see it then, you can still see it now.

Case Studies

When we say that MyChargeBack invests 100% of its efforts on behalf of our clients we really mean it. We fight for them as long as we have to.

After a four-year battle, a MyChargeBack client from New Zealand, recovered all $300,000 she had paid to a fake cryptocurrency investment scam. The scammers laundered her money, the banks resisted, and it was a battle on a global scale. Complicating the matter was that while the scam investment firm claimed to be in the UK, their banks were in Slovakia, Hungary and Hong Kong. Ultimately, we appealed to a financial regulator and the police and won.
This is an absolute must-read case study! 

Industry Insights

Cash App is yet another convenient way to send and receive money online, but it can also be a magnet for fraud. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Cash App scams have increased 472% since 2020 and are expected to continue to rise. Markus David, MyChargeBack’s Director of Professional Services, explains what this means for consumers in this new Industry Insights article.

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