Month: July 2018

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What Can You Do if the Bank Closed Your Dispute?

Once your bank opens a dispute with a merchant, the merchant then has a fixed number of days to respond. If the bank then accepts the merchants version of events rather than yours, your case is closed and it cannot be resurrected.

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Which Are the Worst Scams?

MyChargeBack cut its teeth on the most notorious scams on the internet binary options, forex and contracts for difference (CFDs). If the standard for measuring the toxicity of a scam is the amount of money it steals from consumers, these three win

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How to Close Down Binary Options Sites

Scammers are in the business to make big bucks. Deprive them of their big bucks and theyll have to find something else to do and somewhere else to go.

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Beer, Pizza, Scams, and Scammers

Most of all, scammers can be ingenious. They have to be because for a scam to be truly successful, it has to be one that no one would otherwise suspect. Take a look at a scam binary options or forex website. Theyre nothing more than video games, but

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Which Online Investment Sites Are the Safest?

The plague of online binary options sites, which law enforcement agencies around the world estimate have scammed innocent consumers out of billions of dollars, has ruined the lives of untold numbers of innocent people.

icon avatar of policeman Finds that Binary Options Scams Have Evolved to Avoid New Web Restrictions

Intensive research by MyChargeBack indicates that binary options operators have now re-branded themselves as forex and CFD trading rooms, trading platforms, generic brokerages, or even providers of private banking services.