White Paper Library

Financial technology is becoming more sophisticated by the day. As services move online, customers no longer need to interact with a banker to pay bills or deposit checks. Today, those services have been replaced by online banking, digital banks, mobile applications, and cryptocurrencies. As a result, payment disputes that may result have become more complex than ever.

Complexity, of course, breeds uncertainty and uncertainty breeds confusion. And since this involves your money, it is vital to keep abreast of these fast-paced developments. There is no better way to do that than by drawing on the insight of experienced financial services professionals.

Our MyChargeBack teams have more than a hundred cumulative years of experience in the banking, regulatory, and legal fields. For that reason, we are regularly quoted as credit card, banking, and cryptocurrency subject matter experts by major news organizations around the world.

We are pleased to invite you to sample our MyChargeBack White Paper Library. These White Papers, researched and written in-house and available for download, focus on the hidden realities and solutions that impact the types of complex dispute resolution issues our clients face. We are confident that the insight we share with you here will help ensure that you remain a highly informed consumer.