Is Cryptocurrency Recoverable?

Is Crypto Recovery Possible? 

Did you know that bitcoin recovery is possible? A common belief about cryptocurrency is that once it is sent across the blockchain you will never be able to find out what actually happened to it or where it wound up. Many people believe once they have lost money to a bitcoin scam, their funds are gone forever. 

Fortunately, this isn’t true, especially for people who are determined to seek bitcoin recovery experts who use technology to trace the route of crypto transactions on the blockchain.

The bitcoin recovery process is complicated. It requires patience and determination, but, with the help of crypto recovery experts, you can retrieve funds.  How can you unmask the bitcoin scam and find out who has your crypto? How can you get it back?

Below, we outline the bitcoin recovery process, which involves two key steps.

Step 1: The Investigation

The first step is investigative. The path the cryptocurrency took through the blockchain has to be traced, from the time you sent the money to the suspected bitcoin scam, from crypto exchange to crypto exchange, until it was cashed out into fiat currency.

The investigation requires sophisticated, forensic technology, the type of technology that is typically deployed by law enforcement agencies, central banks, and tax authorities. Though there are online alternatives, they are inferior to those of professional systems, which are equipped with powerful algorithms employed by government and financial institutions ⎼ and MyChargeBack

Using these tools, our team of certified crypto forensic investigators traces a client’s cryptocurrency from the time it was stolen by a crypto scam, through the blockchain until it was cashed out. We document this in a report that we prepare for the client so they can pursue crypto scam recovery with the help of the authorities. 

Step 2: Filing a Complaint

The second step is filing a crypto scam complaint with the local police. Armed with the evidence we have uncovered, law enforcement is asked to notify the last crypto exchange we have identified that it believes a crime has been committed. 

The hope is that the individual who cashed out the crypto can provide key clues as to the identity of the perpetrator who runs the crypto scam. Since crypto exchanges operate in accordance with the law, they will be expected to cooperate and provide the name of the individual in question. 

Certainly, the possibility exists that the crypto was laundered at some point between exchanges. The owner of the account at the last exchange may or may not be the perpetrator of the bitcoin scam. But only by questioning the account owner can law enforcement determine who the real culprit may be and accomplish a successful crypto scam recovery. 

If necessary, MyChargeBack assists clients by explaining to law enforcement the critical role it must play in bitcoin recovery. Not every law enforcement agency, such as the police, has a dedicated cryptocurrency crime unit. In such instances, MyChargeBack can make a  difference. We have significant expertise in bitcoin scam cases and experience in pursuing cryptocurrency disputes globally, having established working relationships with 450 law enforcement agencies in more than 50 countries.

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