MyChargeBack Team Profiles

The MyChargeBack team services its clients on four different continents and it comprises over 60 professionals with expertise in banking, dispute resolution and forensic blockchain investigations. Below are some of the key employees whose expertise and responsibilities drive MyChargeBack and its efforts day-to-day.

Michael B. Cohen, Vice President of Global Operations

Michael is a co-founder of MyChargeBack and is frequently quoted by news organizations as  an expert in the field of complex dispute resolution. Under his leadership the company has become an industry pacesetter, having successfully worked alongside more than 800 banks in over 100 countries around the globe.

Our broad international experience with the banking industry and our familiarity with each and every credit card network’s unique chargeback guidelines are the strategic advantages that allow us to build the strongest possible case for each and every one of our clients.”

Judith Dayan Persson, Vice President of European Operations and Business Development

Based in our Copenhagen office, Judith is a veteran payments industry executive. She formerly directed global fraud management at Danske Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Scandinavia, and served as senior vice president of Nets, one of the top payment providers in Europe with more than 250 bank partners. In that position she played a key role in the firm's development of products designed to help issuers reduce losses due to fraud.

“All too many European banks are overburdened by the number and cost of credit card disputes, and cardholders are discouraged by the time it takes to process them. MyChargeBack has the solutions they need to expedite and improve dispute department service while improving customer satisfaction and profitability.” 

Eli Waldman, Director of Recovery Services

Eli has led the MyChargeBack recovery team, which formulates strategies to enable credit and debit cardholders to engage successfully with their banks in order to raise complex card-not-present disputes.

Card-not-present disputes for services are especially complex. By providing compelling evidence to showcase that the service did not meet the terms of sale, however, including, when necessary, concurring opinions from outside experts, we are able to make a convincing case with the bank that a chargeback or bank wire recall is indeed justified.”

Dawn Minnaar, South Africa Country Manager

Dawn has over a quarter-century of experience in the field of credit card dispute resolution. Before joining MyChargeBack, she was employed by the ABSA Group (formerly Barclays Africa), where she held a series of senior chargeback-related positions. She is based in Pretoria.

“In South Africa cardholders are at a clear disadvantage in pursuing chargebacks because banks can be skeptical when asked to raise disputes. My goal in South Africa is to enhance the customer’s experience when he has a dispute and assist the banks in informing customers about chargeback rules and regulations.

Evan Spicer, Director of Cryptocurrency Investigations

Evan leads our professionally-certified team of cryptocurrency investigators and researchers. He has established a working relationship with approximately 450 different law enforcement agencies in 50 countries in order to assist MyChargeBack clients pursue their crypto cases.

“Cryptocurrency is vulnerable because it is pseudo-anonymous, and for that reason it has become the preferred payment vehicle for criminals. Without knowing where it went and who received it, you have no chance of recovering it. MyChargeBack has the tools to provide you with that critical information.”

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