Crypto Fraud Investigation Report

The goal of a successful crypto fraud investigation is to identify the names and locations of people who run bitcoin scams or other crypto scams. Following our fraud investigation, we provide a crypto report–a step-by-step breakdown of our findings. Our recovery reports:

A Crypto Recovery Report Maps Out the Path of Funds Through the Blockchain

We use block explorer technology to pinpoint bitcoin scam transactions and identify the initial activity in your case.

Reveal Details about Transactions and Wallet Holders

Advanced algorithms and data attribution applications uncover intermediate transactions and vital information about all recipients.

Create a Crypto Report

These recovery reports can be presented to law enforcement, crypto exchanges and regulatory agencies and will give them the information to launch their own official crypto fraud investigations.

Essential Components of a Crypto Recovery Report

We cut through the red tape and provide: 

  • Strategic planning
  • Documents to bring to police and regulators
  • Charts and maps of crypto transactions
  • Essential information about suspicious crypto wallets
  • Detailed conclusions from our crypto fraud investigation

The authorities may not have the resources or the technology to track down your money on the blockchain or to investigate possible identities behind bitcoin scams or other types of crypto scams. We do the investigative heavy lifting and create detailed recovery reports so the authorities can take the actions required to make bitcoin recovery possible.

How Do We Create a Crypto Recovery Report?

We start with our clients and ask them for details and documentation that can point us toward the crypto wallet holder involved in the bitcoin scam. We then use specialized crypto fraud investigation technology that includes:

  • Advanced data attribution
  • Proprietary clustering algorithms
  • Analytics
  • Tracking capabilities for thousands of cryptocurrencies

In addition to applying state-of-the-art software and applications, our crypto experts use:

  • Proprietary databases with detailed information from thousands of cases
  • Advanced crypto forensics techniques

After we have completed the investigation and collected the results, we create a crypto recovery report with our conclusions as well as a guide for clients on presenting the recovery report to law enforcement and crypto exchanges.

Fight Back Against Bitcoin Scams with a Crypto Recovery Report. MyChargeBack Professionals Can Help!

MyChargeBack experts have extensive knowledge, proven methods, and cutting-edge applications, software, and databases. We understand the dynamics of the crypto tracking process and have a working relationship with law enforcement agencies and regulators. We will empower you with a crypto report that will get results.

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