Frequently Asked Questions
Find the answers below to the most common questions about Chargebacks and our services.
Who are we?
We're awesome! We're! We're a group of guys who decided to give normal people a more effective way to fight back to recover their money after being scammed, lied to, or had their information compromised.
What is our mission?
"Put your money back in your wallet - where it belongs"
Is MyChargeBack a legal service?
Nope - we just know how chargebacks work and how to make sure your chargeback will as effective as possible.
What is Chargeback?
A chargeback is a demand by a credit-card provider for a retailer/merchant/business to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction. In simple English - a chargeback is a way for you to recover money that was "spent" on your credit/debit card that should have been returned by the company that received it.
Can anyone do a chargeback?
There are different conditions set by different issuers, but as long as all conditions are met, anyone CAN make a chargeback. Making a chargeback does not mean you will necessarily win - was created specifically to ensure that when you file your chargeback, you are guaranteed to recover your money. We are so sure that we can help you, that if you lose your chargeback after following our guide, we will refund our service fee. *(terms and conditions apply)
How long after the transaction can I chargeback?
It depends. In general, if someone committed fraud with your card - you have 120 days to fight it and chargeback. If you got scammed and received something different than what you were promised, then you have 540 days to chargeback.
Are there different types of chargebacks?
There are many different types of chargebacks, and each type has its own set of codes, rules, guidelines and processes. Let deal with all that, and guarantee that your chargeback is the correct one for your specific situation and that all rules and regulations are followed.
Can I use for multiple transactions?
Yes. After your first purchase - you will be able to get a discount. Login to your account to begin the process - Click here.
What if I got scammed many times?
If you wanted to challenge every one for the transactions - you have to submit a chargeback for each transaction. You can submit a new chargeback once the previous case was closed.
How long until I find out if I won my case?
It may take up to 3 months (though it is often sooner) to receive a final ruling on your chargeback. During this time, your credit card may issue a provisionary credit for your disputed transaction - we advise you not to spend this money until you receive confirmation from your credit card issuer that your chargeback has been decided in your favour.
How does it work
How does MyChargeBack work?
3 quick and easy steps: 1. You register on our site and pay a small fee for our service 2. Complete the interactive questionnaire 3. Receive a unique report based on your specific situation with a step-by-step guide on what to say to your bank to guarantee you get your money back.
How much does it cost?
$72.00 After your first purchase - you will get a discount $52.00.
We do offer additional services as well for more complex cases. Please contact us and we will advise you appropriately for your circumstances.
Is making a chargeback simple?
There are many complex rules and conditions that govern how chargebacks work. We know all that stuff, and make sure your chargeback fits all relevant conditions and follows all the rules.
How long should the Questionnaire take?
Up to 10 minutes
How many questions do I need to answer?
The questionnaire is interactive, depending on your specific situation you can have up to 20 questions to answer.
How long does it take MyChargeBack to get my my answer?
Our expert teams will take up to 3 hours to review your chargeback information and draft your personal report.
Where can I find MyChargeBack's response?
You will be emailed a link when your report is ready, and it can also be found in "List of Cases" when you login to your account on our website.
Contacting your Bank/Card Issuer
When should I contact my bank?
After you receive MyChargeBack's personalised chargeback report (which can be found in your account). Your report can be downloaded and printed and you should have on hand when speaking to your credit card issuer - it has the information you need to tell them to ensure your chargeback will be successful. Our report will only be as accurate as the information you provide - please be as specific and accurate as possible.
Is MyChargeBack going to give me instructions about what to say?
Yes. Yes. Yes! will provide instructions for your specific chargeback situation, including specific points to tell your credit card issuer and the wording to use when speaking to your issuer. This information can also be used if your issuer requires you to fill out a chargeback form as well.
What if they - my bank/credit card issuer is not responsive, or gives me a hard time?
It is essential that your bank/credit card issuer takes all your information down accurately and AS YOU TELL THEM. You do not want your chargeback to be filed using a representative's "interpretation" of what you said. If you don't think the representative is "getting it" or if they are confrontational, ask for a supervisor immediately.
Money-Back Guarantee
How does the Money-Back Guarantee work?
If all the information you provided to us is accurate, and you follow the guide we provide (see Terms and Conditions - Money Back Guarantee), please send us a copy of the bank's decision and you can receive a full refund of our service fee. Eligible refunds will be issued within 10 days of our confirmed receipt of the bank's decision notification. The Money-Back Guarantee is offered only for it's $72 program.