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More often than not, card-not-present dispute resolution tends to be a complex process.

The chargeback guidelines that Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and all other credit card companies prepare and update as often as every three months are thousand-page documents. They establish a framework for consumer protection, but they are not an easy read. So much so that few people can claim to have read every key paragraph.

If you pay with a debit card, you basically enjoy the same consumer protection rights. You can still ask to receive your money back if you never received the goods you ordered. Or if you received damaged or faulty goods. Or if you ordered services from a merchant who never supplied them. 

Knowing how and when to utilize those protections, therefore, requires both a fluency with the relevant rules and regulations and a strategy for employing them. For the layman, that can be a very daunting task. That’s where MyChargeBack comes in. The MyChargeBack team consists of subject-matter experts who are evaluated not only on their ability to master these guidelines, but also on their ability to successfully work with financial institutions across the globe to represent and recover money for cardholders. That’s right, the team that will handle your case has actually read and mastered every key paragraph in those thousand-page guidelines! It is important to consult with professionals before filing a chargeback request that involves a complex, card-not-present transaction.

First Speak with the Merchant

If you experience a problem with your transaction, the first step is to contact the merchant or business from whom you purchased the goods or services in question. That may or may not solve your problem. But it is a critical first step. Our studies have shown that most merchants will work with their customers directly to resolve any outstanding problems.  Even if nothing positive can result from it, you owe it to the merchant to try working it out with him first.

Here’s more advice for cardholders: Keep a paper trail. Contact the merchant only in writing, either by email, fax or an old-fashioned letter (with a return receipt, to be able to prove that it was delivered). Make sure to ask the merchant to respond in writing as well. 

In writing to the merchant, state that you require a response by a specific but reasonable date. If you do not, then an uncooperative merchant can drag it out until the deadline for applying for a chargeback has passed. Once that happens, there is nothing further that can be done. 

If That Doesn’t Work, Then Speak with MyChargeBack

If the merchant does not respond by the deadline you set, or, worse yet, the merchant refuses to reimburse you, contact MyChargeBack for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will evaluate your case and let you know what your best options are. If we believe your case is simple enough for you to submit a chargeback request directly to your bank, we’ll tell you. If we believe that you do not have the necessary documentation to raise a dispute, we’ll tell you. And if we believe that your case meets all the criteria for a chargeback but will be difficult for you to win without our assistance, we’ll tell you. The choice of how to proceed is yours.  

Why would you need MyChargeBack’s assistance? For several reasons:

  1. Not all consumers have the resources to navigate the banking system. 
  2. Chargeback rules provide cardholders with only one chance to convince the bank to raise a dispute concerning a transaction. So the chargeback request has to be well documented, well argued and filed on time. 
  3. Reputable, legitimate companies are often victims of “friendly fraud.” Therefore, you have to provide the most cogent arguments to justify your chargeback. 
  4. And if you opted for a payment method that does not have chargeback protection, such as a wire transfer or cryptocurrency, we have solutions for you as well. 

The MyChargeBack Group has the professional expertise and international experience to accompany you throughout the fund recovery process and maximize your chances of recovering your funds. Our professional staff has dozens of collective years of experience in banking, finance and regulatory institutions. And our extensive track record speaks for itself. We have retrieved millions of dollars for our clients by working alongside over 800 banks in more than 100 countries worldwide. 

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