Case Studies

How Does MyChargeBack Resolve Complex Transaction Disputes for Clients?

To answer that question, it’s important to share client stories that describe actual assignments that we have undertaken on behalf of consumers. These include:

  • Cryptocurrency tracing
  • Chargebacks
  • Bank wire recalls
  • Settlements negotiated directly with the merchant

To protect client confidentiality, we identify them by their initials and have not named the banks or merchants who were involved. Confidentiality is a critical obligation we maintain on behalf of our clients. The examples below are real and the events listed occurred as described. The client’s country of residence is marked by that country’s flag. 

These client stories represent the broad range of services we provide, as well as the types of strategies we develop to resolve disputes, which can vary significantly based on factors such as their nature, complexity, and the countries in which they occur.

No Two Cases Are Alike

Each case we handle has its own set of unique circumstances. Each case is the product of several different components: different forms of payment, different merchants, different goods or services, and different banks. In addition, every bank is obligated to operate in accordance with its own government-issued charter. 

Chargebacks are only applicable to credit card or debit card transactions. Some merchants are more inclined to be conciliatory towards their customers than others. Goods and services must be addressed with customized recovery strategies. In addition, banks vary in the level of experience they have in dealing with these disputes. Every jurisdiction has its own regulator or ombudsman that can review a bank’s decision, and every jurisdiction has its own set of laws that may affect the disposition of the case.  

MyChargeBack works closely with clients to design strategies that are tailored to the requirements of their specific dispute.

By detailing these client stories, we can provide a broad overview of the types of disputes MyChargeBack clients have entrusted to us, for which we delivered efficient and successful resolutions.

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