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From time to time MyChargeBack will take to the airwaves to discuss with you a specific complicated issue that requires more than a web page to adequately cover. You are welcome to view our latest webinar and join future ones, which we announce in advance both here on this page and in our What’s New at MyChargeback newsletter.

What Do You Do if You've Been Scammed?

September webinar

What do you do if you’ve been scammed?

MyChargeBack Digital Marketing Manager, Elijah Jackson, IDs the signs you’ve been scammed, breaks down initial actions to take and addresses how to mentally manage what comes next.

This webcast was recorded on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

How Do You Protect Yourself from Cryptocurrency Scams?

How to protect yourself from unsafe cryptocurrency investments


Within the first six months of 2022 alone, 46,000 people fell victim to cryptocurrency fraud. In this webinar, Moshe Teren, MyChargeBack Chief Technology Officer, explores how to protect yourself from cryptocurrency scams, determine if an investment company is legitimate, and what to do if you have fallen victim to a cryptocurrency scam.  

This webcast was recorded on Thursday, July 28, 2022.

Why Is Regulating Cryptocurrencies So Difficult?

Why is regulating cryptocurrency so difficult?

Cryptocurrency needs to be regulated. The reasons are now obvious to the cryptocurrency industry, investors and governments worldwide. There have been over 46,000 victims of crypto fraud in the first six months of 2022 alone. The cryptocurrency markets have completely tanked, with millions of retail investors losing everything. So, how cryptocurrency gets regulated is a real challenge.

To address the concerns of crypto investors, this MyChargeBack webcast focuses on the challenges associated with regulating cryptocurrencies and the efforts being made to address them.

The webcast, hosted by Elijah Jackson, MyChargeBack Digital Marketing Manager, was recorded on Thursday, June 30, 2022. 

Understanding Cryptocurrency Investigations 101: How Industry Developments and Sanctions Created the Need for Cryptocurrency Investigations

Understanding cryptocurrency investigations

Half of all the people who have ever invested in cryptocurrency did so in 2021. Not surprisingly, an equal amount of the crypto fraud that has ever been perpetrated was generated in response. But the industrial architecture and regulatory environment that allowed cryptocurrency to thrive to such unprecedented heights also underwent rapid changes to meet this challenge.

There are three reasons for this:

1. The adaptation of blockchain technology to catch up with the benefits of existing financial infrastructure.

2. The enforcement of AML and KYC requirements by regulatory bodies around the globe.

3. The international sanctions imposed on Russia, which required governments and regulatory authorities to exert even greater pressure on blockchain companies to ensure their compliance.

This MyChargeBack webcast explores these subjects in-depth and explains why the victims of cryptocurrency fraud are now in a better position than ever to succeed in their recovery efforts.

The webcast, hosted by Elijah Jackson, MyChargeBack Digital Marketing Manager, was recorded on Thursday, May 12, 2022. 

Investing in Cryptocurrencies Soars, But Fraud Risks Loom Large

Fraud involving cryptocurrencies has soared in 2021.

More than 14,000 illicit investment schemes were reported to the FTC in the first quarter of 2021, with victims losing $215 million in this quarter alone. In this complimentary webcast, Michael B. Cohen, MyChargeBack VP of Global Operations, joined by Reuben Eliaz, MyChargeBack Director of Media Relations, explore how cryptocurrencies are used to perpetrate fraud schemes and what regulators, domestic and foreign, are doing to reduce the risk associated with these cases.