Intelligence Reports

Merchant Investigations

If you want to shop or trade online, you need to know who you are dealing with. However, many people who fall victim to bitcoin scams or fake merchants may not know who is holding their money. 

For successful fund recovery or crypto recovery, you need to uncover as much information as possible about the broker and merchant. MyChargeBack knows how to find it. 

In fact, without such data, fund recovery and crypto recovery are almost impossible. By employing advanced cyber tools and a team of seasoned investigation professionals, MyChargeBack provides crucial assistance to people who have been robbed by all types of fraud, including bitcoin scams. The objective of our research is to reveal:

  • The identities of the merchants and their accomplices. 
  • The path your funds took from the time they left your possession to their ultimate destination, including any intermediaries who may have laundered them on the way

Once the investigation is complete, we will summarize our findings in a detailed report that you can take to the authorities. 

Cryptocurrency Investigations

Cryptocurrency functions independently of central banks. At least for the time being, no regulator currently has a mechanism to force a merchant to refund digital currency to someone who has a crypto recovery claim. 

What makes recovery from bitcoin scams even harder is that the blockchain is anonymous. The recipient may be completely unknown to the sender. Even if the recipient provides a name, it may be an alias. 

Bitcoin scams, including crypto brokers and merchants, pass a consumer’s crypto through multiple intermediaries, or “wallets.” This can make crypto recovery challenging. 

That’s where MyChargeBack can help.

Cryptocurrency may be anonymous and function independently of the banking system, but crypto transactions are not invisible. It’s possible to track down bitcoin scams on the blockchain.

MyChargeBack‘s certified crypto forensics professionals utilize the latest technologies, together with our own proprietary databases, to trace where your coin was transferred. Our first step is to identify where your funds are and/or who cashed them out. This information gives our clients a head start on the crypto recovery effort. 

Over 450 different law enforcement agencies in more than 50 countries have been able to pursue cases based on the evidence that MyChargeBack has uncovered for its cryptocurrency clients.

The reports we provide may not be used in any court of law. Their contents are for information purposes only. All information is owned by Cactil LLC. Reports may not be shared with any outside party without our express written permission.