Our Banking Experience​

We bring our expertise in complex payment disputes to the consumer’s side.

Below is a list of just some of the banks, credit unions, financial institutions, payment processors, and credit card and debit card networks that The MyChargeBack Group has dealt with in order to raise disputes and obtain chargebacks or wire recalls for its clients.

Banks and Credit Cards

What is a bank chargeback? What is the bank’s role in the chargeback process?

A bank chargeback is the retroactive cancellation and refund of a charge made on a credit card or debit card. Chargebacks are credit card banking protection. They provide cardholders with a recourse in the event they are charged for goods or services that are not provided as ordered. The importance of the bank’s role in the chargeback process cannot be overstated.

The bank chargeback process begins when a bank chargeback request is submitted to the card issuing bank, also known simply as the issuing bank. The issuing bank’s dispute department will first check to be sure that the credit card chargeback time limit has not yet been reached. If not, it will then have to determine whether or not the reason code cited by the cardholder is appropriate. This requires careful study and up-to-date knowledge of  the chargeback guidelines published by the relevant credit card network, as well as local laws that would also be relevant to the case. 

If the issuing bank is convinced that the chargeback request has merit, it will then send it to the merchant’s bank, also known as the acquiring bank. Merchant banks alert the merchants, who have the opportunity to submit responses, known in the banking industry as representments. In the bank chargeback process, representments are credit card banking protection for merchants. Cardholders have the opportunity to respond to them. The issuing bank and merchant bank then must agree, on the basis of the arguments proffered, to approve the chargeback. 

What Happens When the Issuing Bank and Merchant Bank Do Not Agree? 

Without outside assistance, a bank chargeback is impossible if the issuing bank and merchant bank do not agree. This is where MyChargeBack can provide a critical advantage. We know how to speak with bankers using the professional jargon they use. We know the reason codes and chargeback guidelines. And we know banks and credit cards. So, at this juncture, we join our clients on conference calls with the banks to explain the reasons why the chargeback should be approved, citing chapter and verse to justify our position.   

Chargebacks may otherwise be rejected for a variety of reasons. Chargeback guidelines are updated as often as several times a year, so bank staff may be unfamiliar with recent changes.  Some issuing banks, overwhelmed by the tide of card-not-present disputes that resulted from the rise of e-commerce, especially during the COVID pandemic, farm out responsibilities to contract employees who have never attended any professional chargeback training course.  Extraneous subjective criteria may influence their decisions. Nuances can lose a case. Winning it requires a fluency with the rules. 

Beyond the Issuing Bank and Merchant Bank

The types of complex transaction disputes that lead consumers to MyChargeBack typically require the intervention of the issuing bank, the merchant bank, a credit card or debit card issuer, a payment processor, and/or a credit union or some other financial institution. In certain instances, a financial services ombudsman, regulator, law enforcement authorities, or even a court must become involved as well. While none of these actors is familiar with the consumer’s case at the start, all of them can play a critical part in the process of resolving it. 

The successful resolution of card-not-present disputes requires experienced talent capable of multitasking. Contact has to be initiated and maintained with multiple actors. Different sets of documents may have to be submitted to all of them. Other documents that they generate may require responses. The details of the transaction in question have to be explained to each party independently, as succinctly and articulately as possible.  That, in turn, is complicated by the fact that what is of critical import for one party may not be for another. 

Of course, what applies to chargeback requests is not necessarily relevant to other types of disputes. There is no credit card chargeback protection for bank transfers. And since there are no chargebacks on bank transfers, entirely different strategies must be employed. 

Bank Ombudsmen and Financial Regulators

The same is true if the bank’s decision has to be appealed to a bank ombudsman or financial regulator. They will want to investigate whether the bank followed proper procedure in reaching its decision. The appellant will have to prove that they did.

Cryptocurrency Investigations

Needless to say, the police and court system, which are the ultimate addresses for pursuing a cryptocurrency dispute, will have to be convinced that a violation of law has been committed. MyChargeBack has the technology and proprietary databases to compile the evidence police need. 

Having MyChargeBack at your side throughout this complicated undertaking is your assurance that your case will be handled as professionally as possible. We have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience by engaging with over 800 banks, payment processors, credit card networks, ombudsmen, and financial regulators worldwide. Moreover, the investigative reports we prepare for our cryptocurrency clients have been indispensable in convincing more than 450 law enforcement agencies around the globe to open criminal investigations. At MyChargeBack, we are proud to have recovered millions of dollars for our deserving clients.

AA Credit Card – Bank of Ireland
ABN AMRO Bank (Netherlands)
ABSA (Kenya)
ABSA (South Africa)
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC (ADCB)
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – ADIB (UAE)
Advanced Cash (Gibraltar)
Advanzia Bank (Luxembourg)
Al Rajhi Bank (Saudi Arabia)
Al Ansari Exchange (UAE)
Alinma Bank (Saudi Arabia)
Allied Irish Banks – AIB (Ireland)
Alm. Brand (Denmark)
Alpha Bank (Greece)
AmBank Group (Malaysia)
American Express
Andelskassen Bank (Denmark)
ANWB (Netherlands)
ANZ Bank (Australia)
ANZ Bank (New Zealand)
Aqua Card (UK)
Arion Bank (Iceland)
ASB Bank (New Zealand)
Australian Unity Bank
Avant Card (Ireland)
AXA Bank Belgium
Baden-Württembergische Bank (Germany)
Banca CR Firenze (Italy)
Banca Mediolanum (Italy)
Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (Italy)
Banco Argentina
Banco Atlántida (Honduras)
Banco BAC Credomatic (Honduras)
Banco BAC Credomatic (Panama)
Banco BAC Credomatic (Peru)
Banco BAC San José (Costa RIca)
Banco BPI Portugal
Banco de Bogotá (Colombia)
Banco de Crédito del Perú – BAC
Banco de Occidente (Colombia)
Banco de Oro – BDO (Philippines)
Banco del Pacifico (Ecuador)
Banco del Progreso (Dominican Republic)
Banco do Brasil
Banco Ficohsa (Honduras)
Banco General Panamá
Banco Industrial de Guatemala
Banco Interbank del Perú
Banca Intesa Sanpaolo (Italy)
Banco Itaú (Chile)
Banco Itaú Unibanco Brasil
Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
Banco Pichincha (Ecuador)
Banco Promerica de Costa Rica
Banco Sabadell (Spain)
Banco Security (Chile)
Bancolombia (Colombia)
Bancoppel (Mexico)
Banesco (Panama)
Bank Dhofar (Oman)
Bank First (Australia)
Bank Millennium (Poland)
Bank Norwegian
Bank of America (USA)
Bank of Austria
Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait (BBK)
Bank of China (Hong Kong)
Bank of East Asia (Hong Kong)
Bank of Ireland
Bank of Montreal – BMO (Canada)
Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Ltd (Bermuda)
Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Bank of Queensland (Australia)
Bank of Scotland (UK)
Bank of South Australia – Bank SA
Bank of Valletta – BOV (Malta)
Bankia (Spain)
Banknordik (Denmark)
BankWest (Australia)
Banorte (Mexico)
Banque Saudi Fransi (Saudi Arabia)
Banrural (Guatemala)
Barclays Bank (Isle of Man)
Barclays Bank (UK)
Barwa Bank (Qatar)
Bawag P.S.K. (Austria)
BB&T Bank (USA)
BBVA (Mexico)
BBVA (Spain)
BBVA (Uruguay)
BCA Indonesia
Bendigo Bank (Australia)
Beyond Bank (Australia)
BNP Paribas (France)
BNP Paribas Fortis (Belgium)
BNP Paribas Fortis (Portugal)
Bpost Banque (Belgium)
Budapest Bank (Hungary)
Burgan Bank (Kuwait)
BW Bank (Germany)
Byblos Bank (Lebanon)
Caisses Desjardins (Canada)
Caixa Bank (Portugal)
Caixa Bank (Spain)
Cajamar (Spain)
CajaSur (Spain)
Canadian Tire Financial Services
Capital One (UK)

Capital One (USA)
Capitec Bank (South Africa)
Cash Passport Travel Money Card
Cashplus (UK)
Cayman National Bank (Isle of Man)
CEC Bank (Romania)
Cembra Money Bank (Switzerland)
Česká spořitelna (Czech Republic)
Chase (USA)
Chill Money (Ireland)
China Construction Bank (Hong Kong)
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce – CIBC
CIMB (Malaysia)
CIMB (Singapore)
Circle K (Norway)
Circle K (Sweden)
Citadel Federal Credit Union (USA)
Citibanamex (Mexico)
Citibank (Australia)
Citibank (Bahrain)
Citibank (Hong Kong)
Citibank (Malaysia)
Citibank (Malaysia)
CitiBank (Philippines)
Citibank (Singapore)
Citibank (UAE)
Citibank (USA)
City Savings Financial Services Credit Union (USA)
Clydesdale Bank (UK)
CMB Wing Lung (Hong Kong)
CMR Falabella (Chile)
CMR Falabella (Peru)
Coles Financial Services (Australia)
Comdirect (Germany)
Commercial Bank of Egypt
Commercial Bank of Qatar
Commerzbank (Germany)
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Community National Bank (USA)
Consorsbank (Germany)
Contecnica (Guatemala)
Co-operative Bank (New Zealand)
Co-operative Bank (UK)
Coop Bank (Denmark)
Coopealianza (Costa Rica)
Cornèr Banca (Switzerland)
Creation Bank (UK)
Credem (Italy)
Credicorp Bank (Panama)
Credit Suisse (Switzerland)
Credit Union Australia (CUA)
Crelan (Belgium)
Cresco (Norway)
CSOB (Czech Republic)
Danske Bank (Denmark)
Danske Bank (Norway)
Danske Bank (Sweden)
Danske Bank (UK)
Davivienda (Colombia)
DBS (Hong Kong)
DBS – POSB (Singapore)
Debenhams Credit Card (UK)
Desjardins Bank (Canada)
Deutsche Bank (Germany)
Deutsche Kredit Bank – DKB (Germany)
Deutsche Apotheker und Aerztebank eG (Germany)
Discover Financial Services (USA)
Discovery Limited (South Africa)
DNB (Norway)
Doha Bank (Qatar)
Dubai First (UAE)
Dubai Islamic Bank (UAE)
DZ Bank (Germany)
Eastwest Bank Singapore
Easybank (Austria)
Eika Kredittbank (Norway) 
Emirates Islamic (UAE)
Emirates NBD (UAE)
Entercard Norway
Entercard Sweden
Eurobank (Greece)
Eurocard (Norway)
EVO Banco (Spain)
Fidelity Bank (Bahamas)
Finance House PJSC (UAE)
FinecoBank (Italy)
First Abu Dhabi Bank – FAD (UAE)
First Citizens Bank (Trinidad & Tobago)
First Direct Bank (UK)
First National Bank (USA)
First Trust Bank (USA)
FNB (Botswana)
FNB Credit Cards (South Africa)
FNB Debit Cards (South Africa)
FNB Discovery Credit Card (South Africa)
Fynske Bank (Denmark)
Gjensidige (Norway)
Go Credit Card (Australia)
Guaranty Trust Bank (Nigeria)
Halifax (Canada)
Handelsbanken (Sweden)
Hang Seng (Hong Kong)
HDFC Bank (India)
Heritage Bank (Australia)
Hong Leong Bank (Malaysia)
HSBC (Australia)
HSBC (Hong Kong)
HSBC (Malaysia)
HSBC (Mexico)

HSBC (Singapore)
HSBS (Oman)
Hudson’s Bay Credit Card (Canada)
ICA Banken (Sweden)
ICS (Netherlands)
ICS (Switzerland)
Ikano (Sweden)
Inbursa (Mexico)
ING Bank (Austria)
ING Bank (Germany)
ING Bank (Netherlands)
ING Bank Śląski (Poland)
ING Group (Belgium)
Intelligent Finance (UK)
Interbank (Peru)
International Card Services – ICS (Netherlands)
Investec (Saudi Arabia)
Investec (UK)
Isle of Man Bank
John Lewis Partnership Card (UK)
JPMorgan Chase (USA)
Jyske Bank (Denmark)
KBC Bank (Ireland)
Key Bank (USA)
KIB (Kuwait)
Kiwibank (New Zealand)
Komercijalna Banka (Serbia)
Landesbank Berlin (Germany)
Lansforsakringar (Sweden)
Latitude Financial Services (Australia)
Liberbank (Spain)
Liberty Card (Switzerland)
Liverpool Premium Card (UK)
Lloyds Bank (UK)
LO Plus Gultkart (Denmark)
Lollands Bank (Denmark)
Luso International (Macao)
M&S Bank (UK)
Mainzer Volksbank (Germany)
Mashreq Bank (UAE)
Maybank (Malaysia)
Maybank (Singapore)
mBank (Czech Republic)
MBank (Poland)
MBNA (Canada)
Me Bank (Australia)
MetroBank (UK)
MidSouth Bank (USA)
Millennium – BCP (Portugal)
Modulo Desjardins (Canada)
Monese Online Bank (UK)
Monte del Paschi di Siena (Italy)
Montepio (Portugal)
Mountain America Credit Union – MACU (USA)
Najm (UAE)
National Australia Bank (NAB)
National Bank of Abu Dhabi – NBAD (UAE)
National Bank of Bahrain – NBB
National Bank of Canada
National Bank of Kuwait – NBK
National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia
Nationwide (UK)
NatWest (UK)
NatWest Offshore (UK)
Nedbank (South Africa)
NETS (Singapore)
Neue Aargauer Bank (Switzerland)
New Day Ltd – House of Fraser (UK)
NewDay Marbles (UK)
Nexi (Italy)
NLB Banka (Slovenia)
Noor Bank (UAE)
Nordea (Denmark)
Nordea (Finland)
Nordea (Norway)
Nordea (Sweden)
Norisbank (Germany)
Novo Banco (Portugal)
Nubank (Brazil)
Nykredit (Denmark)
OCBC (Malaysia)
OCBC (Singapore)
Odal Sparebank (Norway)
OKQ8 (Sweden)
Opus Bank (USA)
Osuuspankki – OP (Finland)
PC Financial (Canada)
People’s Choice Credit Union (Australia)
Permanent TSB (Ireland)
Piraeus Bank (Greece)
PKO Bank Polski (Poland)
POSB (Singapore)
Post Office Money (UK)
Postbank (Germany)
President’s Choice (Canada)
Produbanco (Ecuador)
Public Bank (Malaysia)
Q Card (New Zealand)
Qatar Islamic Bank
Qatar National Bank
Rabobank (Australia)
Rabobank (Netherlands)
Radius Credit Union (USA)

Raiffeisen (Austria)
Raiffeisen (Switzerland)
Ras Al Khaimah Bank – RAK (UAE)
Regions Bank (USA)
Remember Card (Sweden)
Republic Bank (USA)
Republic Bank (Trinidad & Tobago)
Resurs (Sweden)
Riyad Bank (Saudia Arabia)
Rizal Commercial Banking Corp – RCBC (Philippines)
RMB Private Bank (South Africa)
Rostocker (Germany)
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Bank of Canada (Trinidad & Tobago)
Royal Bank of Scotland – RBS
S-Bank (Germany)
S-Pankki (Finland)
Sainsbury’s Bank (UK)
Samba (Saudi Arabia)
Santander (Brazil)
Santander (Chile)
Santander (Chile)
Santander (Germany)
Santander (Mexico)
Santander (Poland)
Santander (Portugal)
Santander (Spain)
Santander (UK)
Santander Consumer Bank (Norway)
Saudi Arabia British Bank – SABB
Sbanken (Norway)
SBS Bank (New Zealand)
Scotiabank (Bahamas)
Scotiabank (Canada)
Scotiabank (Chile)
Scotiabank (Costa Rica)
Scotiabank (Peru)
Scotiabank (Trinidad & Tobago)
Scotiabank Azul (Chile)
SEB (Estonia)
SEB (Norway)
SEB (Sweden)
Sharjah Islamic Bank (UAE)
Skandia (Sweden)
Slovenska Sporitelna (Slovakia)
Sparebanken (Norway)
Sparebanken Nest (Norway)
Sparebanken1 (Norway)
Sparekassen for Nr. Nebel of Omegn (Denmark)
Sparkasse Hainburg (Austria)
Sparkasse Ingolstadt (Germany)
Sparkasse Bremen AG (Germany)
St. George Bank (Australia)
St James Place Bank (UK)
Standard Bank (Bahrain)
Standard Bank (China)
Standard Bank (Saudi Arabia)
Standard Chartered (Malaysia)
Standard Chartered (Singapore)
Standard Chartered (UAE)
Standard Chartered Bank Botswana
Standard Chartered Bank Uganda
Standard Chartered Hong Kong
Stopanska Banka (North Macedonia)
Stradtsparkasse München (Germany)
Swedbank (Sweden)
Swiss Miles and More
Swisscard AECS (Switzerland)
Swisscom Pay (Switzerland)
Sydbank (Denmark)
Synchrony Financial – JCPenny
Synchrony Financial – Sam’s Club
Tangerine Bank (Canada)
Tatra Banka (Slovakia)
TD Bank (USA)
Tesco (UK)
Tesco Current Account (UK)
Thurgauer Kantonalbank (Switzerland)
Triangle Mastercard (Canada)
TSB Bank (UK)
Türkiye İş Bankası (Turkey)
Ulster Bank (Ireland)
Unicredit (Italy)
University Federal Credit Union (USA)
UOB (Malaysia)
UOB (Singapore)
U.S. Bank (USA)
Valiant Bank (Switzerland)
Vanquis Bank (UK)
Vestjysk Bank (Denmark)
Virgin Atlantic Credit Card – MBNA
Virgin Money (UK)
Visa Gem (Australia)
Visa Gem (New Zealand)
Viseca Card Services (Switzerland)
Volvofinans (Sweden)
Wells Fargo (USA)
WesBank (South Africa)
WestPac (Australia)
WestPac (New Zealand)
Westra Wermlands Sparbank (Sweden)
WiZink Bank (Spain)
Yorkshire Bank (UK)
Zagrebačka banka – ZABA (Croatia)
Zevener Volksbank – ZVB (Germany)