Cyber Intelligence Report and Bank Wire Intelligence Report

If you’ve lost money to an unauthorised broker or have paid a merchant that seems suspicious, a Cyber Intelligence Report (CIR) or a Bank Wire Intelligence Report (BWIR) is an essential first step toward a successful claim. We give you the evidence you need to approach law enforcement or government anti-fraud organizations. 

What is a CIR and a BWIR and how can they help you?

A Bank Wire Intelligence Report (BWIR) gives banks the information they need to consider freezing suspicious accounts, and prevent your money from being laundered. If you have made a bank wire transfer that you realise after the fact may have been to a potentially fraudulent merchant or broker, simply filing a complaint to the bank isn’t enough. Providing evidence and information in a detailed BWIR can influence banks to take action. 

The blockchain can be exciting but perilous.

The convenience of cryptocurrencies is coupled with the many frauds associated with digital assets. If you have lost funds to a crypto scheme or if your bitcoin wallet has been hacked, we will use crypto trace technology and methods to create a Cyber Intelligence Report (CIR) for you. With a CIR, you can approach law enforcement with information about the crypto scheme, including names and locations of persons of interest. A CIR gives the police and agencies a head start in pursuing your case and increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

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