AnyDesk Scams

AnyDesk Scams: What You Need to Know and How to Avoid Them

By Dawn Minnaar
Senior Recovery Adviser and Director of South African Operations


AnyDesk is a software that was developed to allow IT specialists to remotely access and control your computer or mobile device from anywhere. It can be a useful tool for troubleshooting technical issues, working from home, or providing online support.

However, AnyDesk can also be misused by scammers who want to access your device and steal your personal information, passwords, bank accounts, or money. These scammers often pose as tech support agents from well-known companies like Microsoft, Apple, or your bank, and try to convince you to download AnyDesk and share your access code with them.

Once they have access to your device, they can do anything they want with it, such as:

  • Search your device for sensitive files, photos and documents they can use for blackmail or identity theft
  • Steal your passwords and gain access to your bank, email, social media, and other online accounts
  • Spy on you as you use your device, sometimes even accessing your camera or microphone
  • Manipulate your screen to make it look like there are issues with your bank account — and then trick you into sending them money

According to the FBI, Americans lost more than $800 million to tech support scams in 2022 — many of which involved the use of remote access software like AnyDesk

How can you avoid falling victim to these scams?

Here are some tips:

AnyDesk is not the only remote desktop application that scammers use. TeamViewer, RemotePC, and Zoho Assist are all similar platforms and should only be installed by a trusted IT specialist and only when there is a legitimate need.

AnyDesk is a legitimate software that can be used for good purposes, but it can also be exploited by scammers who want to harm you. Be careful and vigilant when using AnyDesk or any other remote access software, and don’t let anyone take over your device without your consent.

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