Month: August 2018

Looking through the washing machine door a young woman peers into washing machine to remove laundry

A Scam by Any Other Name Is Still a Scam

The distributor may very well be above board and his intentions may very well be good, but it doesnt matter. A scam is a scam is a scam.

Facebook Market Place advert advertizing with cellphone mockup

The Return of One-Man Scams

Recently, Facebook rolled out its Marketplace, where individuals who reside in the same general area can post items for sale alongside ads placed by retail firms. Its a natural for Facebook, which enhances the experience by enabling instant communica

House with Roman windows surrounded by lock and chains

What an Online Scam Did to a Single Mother and Her Kids

Before you even think of sending in your contact information to an online investment site, you owe it to yourself to read this real life story. If you are unfamiliar with the plague of binary options scams or have ever doubted the ruthlessness of onl

Photo of smiling, young Spanish family moving in to their new home on moving day

If You’re Buying, Selling or Renting, Beware Real Estate Scams

Many other types of scams depend on the victims inexperience or willingness to buckle under the hard sell, but real estate scams are often different. Thats why the best defense is to be aware of what can happen and to take preventive action.

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Scammers Who Benefit from Tragedy

If youve donated money to a charity scam, contact MyChargeBack for a free consultation to determine if theres a way to retrieve your money.

Income tax forms documents and receipt

“I Got a Call from the IRS Saying I Owe Back Taxes”

Some scammers know its easier to catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. So, mixing metaphors, they go phishing. They call or email potential victims at random and they inform them that the IRS owes them refunds.