Month: January 2019

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MyChargeBack Does Not Recommend Investment Firms

If you have been contacted by any firm and told that they received your name and number from MyChargeBack, or that MyChargeBack recommends or endorses them, we advise you to hang up and report the incident to us by email to [email protected]

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Recycling Binary Options into Forex and CFD Scams

The new CFD scam is actually more hazardous than binary options. In the case of binary, the worst that could happen on any trade would be losing the entire investment. But if theres a volatile market, contracting for difference potentially exposes th

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Giving Love a Bad Name: Solving the Epidemic of Romance Scams

It seems like for every legitimate use that people have found for the internet, a criminal industry has grown in parallel to fleece innocent users out of their money. One of the saddest (and most profitable) is the romance scam. It takes many forms,

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Don’t Become a Victim of the Plague of Online Pharmacy Scams

Medicines ordered from online pharmacies have been expired, diluted, over-concentrated, contained none of the needed active ingredients, or were even laced with harmful ingredients, or were contaminated with bacteria.