Do You Think You Just Received an Email from Netflix?

The email that looks like it was sent by Netflix asking you to reconfirm your personal information and credit card details is not genuine.

Criminals have misled thousands of users to part with their personal and banking information in the latest Netflix scam. With the emergence of the coronavirus that kicked off the 2020 year, our day-to-day activities and habits have changed dramatically. The increase in social distancing, self isolation and change in habits has resulted in incredible growth in the online streaming industry. For instance, sites such as Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, as well as Netflix, have noticed rapid increases in membership this past year.

This rise in subscriptions and viewership has led, unfortunately, to a sharp increase in the number of online scams. Despite this increase, these scams are generally simple to identify with basic email security. The new Netflix scam described by cloud security provider Armorblox, however, paints a more serious picture.

The Netflix scam email supposedly originated from Netflix Support and bypassed user email filters. In addition, the attack was persuasive enough to convince users to part with their personal and banking information.

What is the Netflix Scam?

The Netflix email scam refers to a supposed billing problem that resulted from a failure to verify a client’s personal details. As a result, the email advises users to update their details within 24 hours. Failing to do so would result in the cancelation of the subscription.

A link in the mail leads the victim to a genuine-looking Netflix website. It invites unsuspecting victims to “update” their personal information including their Netflix login, billing address and credit card details. Once the information was captured, users were redirected to the original Netflix homepage without the knowledge that their private information had just been usurped.

The cyber attack supposedly bypassed existing email security controls. It was able to do so because it was not programmed like a traditional phishing attack.

Staying Ahead of the Netflix Scam Email Attack

The latest Netflix scam is a cunning scheme to steal users’ personal information. But it is instructive because it reveals how scams evolve to avoid advances in security controls. It is therefore important to remain alert and treat every email that arrives in your inbox as suspicious unless it originates from a known contact.

Protect Yourself against Future Netflix Scams:

  • Never respond to emails or texts that request an update of personal or credit card information
  • Confirm the sender by clicking on the downward arrow next to the name to obtain the full details
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors in the text
  • Hover over links to display the full URL to the directed website
  • Don’t click on links, access your account directly by going to the official web page to update or change details
  • Use strong passwords that contain a combination of letters, numbers and special characters
  • Don’t fall for pressure tactics contained in messages that compel you to act quickly


Netflix scams have increasingly become more organized and sophisticated. The number of phishing scams and cyber attacks are increasing exponentially. It is therefore imperative that users stay one step ahead of the criminals to avoid identity and bank fraud.

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