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A Bank Impasse Appealed to the Financial Ombudsman

Case Study: A Bank Impasse Appealed to the Financial Ombudsman

This case involved the following MyChargeBack services: preparation of the chargeback request and regulatory appeal. 

The Basis for the Dispute

Sometimes, despite the best intentions of  all parties, lines of communication can break down. When this occurs, MyChargeBack can escalate the case further to enlist a neutral  third party that can be critical in settling the dispute. This is especially the case with chargebacks, which involve a  nuanced financial process in which expert professionals play a vital role in achieving a successful outcome.

That’s precisely what this case demonstrates. Our client was at an impasse until MyChargeBack took the initiative and appealed the case to a governmental agency that resolves financial complaints ‒ the Financial Ombudsman Service.

S.A. is a British gentleman who chose to invest via an online trading platform. Unfortunately, he neglected to fully vet  the platform before doing so. As a result, within a few weeks, he had deposited nearly £9,000 with an unethical and unregulated online investment scheme.

Multiple withdrawal requests earned him a paltry 5% of his money that was refunded. All further requests were summarily rejected by the merchant.

Strategies and Tactics

Perceiving a relatively straightforward chargeback case, MyChargeBack proceeded with standard protocols and advised our client with his payment dispute with his issuing bank. Unfortunately, the bank’s dispute department went with first impressions rather than a deep examination. In other words, since the disputed transactions were ostensibly for investment purposes, and losses due to legitimate investments are not eligible for chargebacks, the claim was denied. But these losses were not due to a legitimate investment. They were due to a scam.

S.A. was understandably frustrated and concerned about the chances of seeing his money again. MyChargeBack however, was far from finished. Our experience prepared us for this possibility, and we knew how to leverage our expertise by  mapping out a series of next steps that would maximize our chances of success.

The MyChargeBack Difference

Recognizing the potential for meaningful dialogue with his bank shut for the time being, we prepared the necessary paperwork for S.A. to file a bank complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). The FOS is the British agency responsible for mediating consumer complaints with businesses that offer financial services, including banks.

We remained in close contact with S.A. as the ombudsman complaint proceeded, even as it extended into months. In the end, the FOS sent its final judgment to our client and his bank.

The verdict? That the bank had been remiss in not raising a chargeback. Since the deadline was now long past, the FOS recommended that using its own funds the bank refund our client the entire amount of the disputed transactions, minus the small amount the merchant had already refunded, plus 8% interest from the date of the original chargeback request, plus an additional £100 for S.A.’s “trouble.” The bank wisely accepted the verdict and promptly refunded our client. The final outcome was complete victory, and ultimate vindication of MyChargeBack’s professional services. Without MyChargeBack’s expertise the case would likely have had a much different outcome.

S.A.’s Impressions

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your assistance in resolving my case. It has taken some time but ultimately worth it. A big Thank You to MyChargeBack once again.”

At a Glance: MyChargeBack in the UK

  • The case involved a credit card loss  of nearly £9,000 to an unregulated investment broker
  • The issuing bank refused to assist with a chargeback
  • MyChargeBack prepared and submitted a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, leading to a successful overturning of the bank’s decision

Case settled by a government agency

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Payment made by the bank

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