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Welcome to the MyChargeBack Knowledge Center. Comprising multiple informational resources, the MyChargeBack Knowledge Center provides you with a wide variety of useful information on complex dispute resolution, card-not-present transactions, consumer protection, and chargebacks.

Debit & Credit Card Disputes

Debit & Credit Card Disputes

What is the “unauthorized use” of a credit card or debit card? What genuine mistakes can appear on a monthly statement? What are “gray” charges? How can a cardholder minimize the aggravation of dealing with a transaction dispute? Will the credit card networks investigate disputes? MyChargeBack provides you the answers to these and other questions about debit and credit card disputes.

The MyChargeBack White Paper Library

For a more intensive analysis of a specific topic, we invite you to download a MyChargeBack White Paper. The White Papers we are currently featuring are entitled:

The Chargeback Process Is Broken: Here’s How It Can Be Fixed

Leveling the Playing Field: Rethinking PSD2 from a Customer-Centered Perspective

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Will the Credit Card Industry Be Affected by the Coronavirus? 

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MyChargeBack Podcasts

MyChargeBack Podcasts

MyChargeBack invites you to listen in as our in-house experts provide their professional insight and analysis regarding major issues that cardholders, merchants and bank dispute departments deal with on a daily basis. Our podcasts are also your opportunity to get to know us.

MyChargeBack Webinars

From time to time MyChargeBack will take to the airwaves to discuss with you a specific complicated issue that requires more than a web page to adequately cover. You are welcome to view our latest webinar and join future ones, which we announce in advance both online on our Webinars page and in our What’s New at MyChargeback newsletter.

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Cardholder Rights & Obligations

The use of a credit card or debit card is governed according to a written agreement with the issuing bank. The agreement is a type of contract. Once you sign it you are not only provided with the card. You also become obliged to obey a set of rules and, in exchange, you obtain a set of rights. Of course, banks also provide merchant accounts. These allow the merchant to accept your credit or debit card and enable you to pay with it. MyChargeBack is pleased to provide you with an overview of your cardholder rights and obligations. .

List of Financial Regulators

We include in this section as well our list of reputable national financial regulators. These are official governmental oversight agencies that license and monitor brokerages, banks and other financial institutions. 

You can and should consult with your national regulator to verify that any investment opportunity you are considering is properly licensed in your country. If it is not, then go no further. Consider that a red flag. Regulators are also an appropriate address for filing complaints regarding financial service providers they do license and supervise.

Keep in mind that financial service providers such as brokerages that are headquartered abroad must have a locally-issued license to service residents of your own country. Inquiring with the regulator in the country in which the service provider claims to be registered is insufficient because, in all likelihood, it will not necessarily know the answer to that question. You must inquire with your own national regulator to obtain an authoritative response..

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Finally, you’ll notice that, out of necessity, we mention on this website certain professional terminology commonly used by banks, credit card networks and government agencies. Just in case you’re not familiar with them and their precise definitions, you will find here in our Knowledge Center a comprehensive Glossary of Terms.