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Press Releases

“MyChargeBack: New Facebook, Google and EU Restrictions Will Not Stop Online Investment Scams,”, July 18, 2018

“Russian-Speaking Scam Victims Can Now Utilize the Extensive Experience of”, July 10, 2018

“MyChargeBack: Visa's New Regulations are Already Speeding up Dispute Resolution”, May 8, 2018

“MyChargeBack Passes $2 Million Mark in Funds Recovered for Scam Victims”, February 12, 2018

“MyChargeBack Fund Recovery Service Expands to Assist Victims of Online Diamond Investment Scams,” January 25, 2018

“MyChargeBack Expands Cooperation with Other Financial Recovery Services, Banks and Law Firms,” October 17, 2017

“MyChargeBack Sees a 50%-70% Month-to-Month Case load Surge by Defrauded Binary Options Clients,” August 22, 2017

MyChargeBack in the News


“Fraudsters left me feeling suicidal after taking my £55,000 life savings – how to stop it happening to you”, by Claudia Tanner, iNews, May 25, 2018

“Nils: Så fick jag tillbaka mina bortlurade pengar”, by Josefin Westin, Aftonbladet, May 24, 2018

“Cracking Down on Boiler Room Frauds,” by Bart Astor, Forbes, September 9, 2017

“What Legal Recourse Do You Have as a Victim of Binary Options Fraud,” by Beth Doane, Huffpost, September 6, 2017


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